Wildlife Health

Wildlife Health

Taronga Science

Australian Registry of Wildlife Health: Dr Karrie Rose, Ms Jane Hall

Dr Bill Hartley established the Australian Registry of Wildlife Health (the Registry) at Taronga in 1985. The Registry is committed to the preservation of Australia's biodiversity through increased understanding of the interaction among animals, the environment and disease causing agents. The Registry has unique expertise that, with collaborators around Australia, improves Australia's ability to detect and diagnose endemic, emerging and exotic wildlife diseases that could impact on Australia's trade, tourism, economy, biodiversity and human health.

Taronga Wildlife Hospitals: Dr Larry Vogelnest, Dr Benn Bryant, Dr Frances Hulst, Dr Kimberly Vinette Herrin, Dr Michelle Campbell, Dr Gabi Tobias, Dr Lydia Tong, Ms Libby Hall, Dr Paul Thompson, Dr Phoebe Meagher

Taronga Wildlife Hospital is innovative and uses proven technologies and treatments in the care of our wildlife. Our work on post-release monitoring of wildlife rehabilitated and released from Taronga Hospitals, long-term health monitoring of endangered species populations in the wild and in our zoos, drug pharmacokinetics of native wildlife, developing health reference values and many other aspects of our daily work provides unique information that meets our scientific goals and is essential to managing the health of wildlife in our care.