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Billabong Camp Itinerary

Stay overnight near the Australian section at the Zoo and undertake the ultimate camping experience that will be a lasting memory for your family.

A highlight of the Billabong Camp experience is the exclusive guided tours and animal experiences, not only will you meet some friendly residents at the Zoo and get up close and personal, you will also be treated to walking tours were you will meet a number of Australian and Asian animals.

Day one

9am Arrive at the zoo from 9am onwards. Please be on the Zoo circuit by 4pm and making your way to Billabong Camp by 4:30pm.
From 4.30pm - 5pm Meet at Billabong Camp, where you’ll be welcomed and given time to settle into your tents. 
From 5.30pm Nibbles and Native Animal Encounter and yabbying inthe Billabong: Enjoy the chance to get up close and personal with Aussie snakes and lizards, learn how to catch and release yabbies as well as enjoying drinks and nibbles.
From 6.15pm Feast on an outback BBQ dinner buffet, to fuel up before your evening activities.
From 7.30pm You’ll have time to grab your cameras, jumpers and water bottles before heading out into the Aussie Walk through. Become immersed in the Australian bush whilst you search for natives animals by spotlight. Walk duration is about 40 minutes.

Try your hand at yabbying in the summer months or simply relax by the campfire in the winter months.

 8.45pm Treat yourself to goodies under the stars, with a delicious supper provided. Before bed, take time to revel in the camping experience. Spot free ranging animals, star gaze and relax.
10pm  It’s time to turn out the lights and retire for the evening.

Day 2

6.15 - 7am

Start the day with a filling continental breakfast.

6.45 -7am It’s time to pack up your tents and get ready for the morning walk!
7.15am The morning walk will take you out into the Zoo to see four remarkable Asian wildlife species. You could enjoy the amazing vocal gymnastics of the Siamang Apes, learn all about Oriental Small-clawed Otter husbandry and see the incredible Greater one Horned Rhino behind the scenes, as well as get up close a rare Sumatran Tiger or Przewalski’s Horse. You might even see the beautiful White Handed Gibbon in it’s lovely Zoo home.
Approx 8.30am Arrive back at Billabong Camp 

Check out and explore the Zoo at your leisure.