Female Black Rhino Calf Born In Dubbo

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Taronga Western Plains Zoo is excited to announce the birth of a female Black Rhino calf on 11 April 2017 to first time mother, Kufara. 

The calf is yet to be named and weighs approximately 25 – 30kgs.

Both mother and calf are doing well. Being a first time mother, Kufara is very cautious and keeping her calf at a distance from keepers, which is a very normal protective behaviour. Kufara is displaying great maternal behaviours and is very caring and nurturing of her calf. The calf is very active and has been seen suckling frequently from Kufara as well as running along behind her.

Currently both mother and calf are in a behind-the-scenes area whilst their bond strengthens and keepers can observe closely the health and development of the calf.

Mother and calf are expected to make their public debut on exhibit in late June.

Black Rhinos are found in Africa and are classified as critically endangered. Currently there are about 4,200 Black Rhinos surviving in the wild. Poaching remains the major threat and in recent years has escalated due to demand for horn which is used in Asian medicine and is also a symbol of status.