Prideland Render

The Pridelands African Lion Adventure exhibit is a $9 million project that will take visitors on a journey to Africa with an outlook offering views over the large 3.5 hectare open expanse where the lion pride will roam. The new exhibit provides a village setting with free ranging goats and birds and interprets how communities in Africa live with a top order predator.

 The new exhibit will also feature a new lion safari experience that will take visitors inside the exhibit for a heart pumping encounter from the safety of a purpose built vehicle. 

As part of the project, behind-the-scenes night yards and a second up close exhibit will be constructed to allow keepers to display how they work closely with and care for the lions in a zoo-based conservation program.  

When the exhibit opens in March 2018, visitors can expect a captivating experience with a pride of eight Lions roaming their habitat, visible from a replica African Masai village setting.

Over the next 10 years the Zoo will undergo a number of developments as part of the Centenary Visitor Experience Program including the giraffe exhibit, a new precinct at the half way point at the Zoo including an African waterhole with unique animal experiences, themed food and beverage offerings and recreation as well as Wildlife Hospital and further expansion of the elephant complex.