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Ever wanted to stand next to an elephant? Now you can, well a life-sized photo of one that is.

Taronga Western Plains Zoo has transformed an elephant transport crate into a learning hub for visitors. Through its innovative design guests walk through a virtual elephant to enter the crate. Inside they discover the history of elephants at our Zoos’ and the many ways we care for and protect elephants today. Explore the elephant transport crate for yourself!

Jumbo Leaning

Our History

Elephants have always been a part of our Zoos. In the early days there was more of a focus on recreation and entertainment.

Today, zoos and wildlife management have changed. Our Zoos are committed to wildlife conservation, education and research.  We are part of important breeding and conservation programs for Asian Elephants. Taronga is working with other zoos and five calves have already been born in the region including three here at Taronga. 

Jumbo Leaning 2

How we help elephants

Our elephants are important ambassadors for their wild cousins, helping to raise awareness about elephants and the threats to their survival. Logging, poaching and forest clearing must stop to leave wild habitat for elephants. We help elephants in the wild, providing funds and support to elephant conservation projects all around the world. 

You can help elephants too

  • Logging and land clearing makes elephants increasingly vulnerable
  • Look for and buy timber furniture that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council
  • Look for, buy and use only recycled paper products

For more information about elephants and the conservation programs that we support  visit this page.

TWPZ Elephants - Bathing

Five star treatment of our elephants

Taronga Western Plains Zoo is home to two Asian Elephants and one African Elephant. These elephants are in their twilight years. To maintain good health and a high quality of life as they grow older, keepers and vets have put in place a special care program to assist with age-related matters. This includes a daily bath, a variety of enrichment toys, an exercise regime, and daily foot care routine, regular check-ups and supplements, such as glucosamine.