Taronga Western Plain's Zoo Adventures is a fun, educational holiday program for children aged between 5 and 12 years. Young Adventurer's are taken on an exciting zoo journey, learning about animals and the environments they live in.

This unique school holiday program provides children with engaging experiences whilst being surrounded by the sights and sounds of the zoo and the animals that live here.  Your children will be amazed and excited as they join in animal themed activities and meet the wonderful people who care for the animals that live at Taronga Western Plains Zoo.

Zoo Adventures runs during the NSW school holidays, except Summer. 




Every Zoo Adventure day includes all of the following favourites:

  • Interactive Animal Encounters – our Zoo Adventures guides and keepers will introduce you to some of their favourite animals through up close, educational animal encounters.
  • Photo Keepsake – as part of our Zoo adventures package each Adventurer will take home a photo memento of their day at Taronga Western Plains Zoo with one of our amazing animals.
  • Meet a Keeper Experience – a main highlight of the day, exploring the Zoo through the eyes of a keeper and learn how they look after the animals in their care. From tallest to shortest, biggest to smallest, from carnivores to piscivores & feathers & fur we have a new area of the Zoo to explore each day!
  • Our knowledgeable keeper’s showcase the animals natural behaviours and impressive adaptations. These world-class shows are a favourite amongst the Adventurers!
  • Interactive Playground and Exploration – leap like a Frog, swing like a Spider monkey, slither like a snake in our different interactive playground areas. Catering to all skill levels; let Zoo Adventurers explore their super powers!  
  • Daily Adventurers - experience new exciting  challenges for a unique & thrilling Zoo Adventure!
  • Professional, enthusiastic, fun loving staff to assist and enhance your Zoo Adventurers experience. 


WEEK 1:  April 17th - Friday 20th 2018

WEEK 2:  April 24th - Friday 27th 2018


Tuesday 17th April

Animal Athletes


Australia – unique, diverse, harsh, incredible. Let’s look at the amazing ways that native Australian animals survive across the country, from the rainforests to deserts, coastlines to bush. People around the world visit Australia for it’s wildlife – you can explore it today!



Wednesday 18th April

Freshwater Findings


Marine Mammals-

Our water ways, vast yet fragile, largely unexplored but tragically treated. Today we discover how to help maintain a healthy balance providing a safe, clean, watery world for all with a future full of fish!

Thursday 19th April  

Slimy & Scaly


Reptiles they come in an awesome variety of sizes, shapes & colours, live in diverse habitats & are some of the oldest creatures on the planet yet many people don’t know much about them. Let’s have a day full of scaly fun & learn what reptiles are really like!

Friday 20th April

Claws and paws


Take a whirlwind adventure around our Zoo , explore with us, find clues to track the animals & discover how we can make a positive difference to their  homes by shopping smart at the grocery store, It’s easy, fun & interactive!

Tuesday 24th April

Feathered Friends


Birds – With incredible colours, diverse behaviours & amazing superpowers come fly the friendly skies. We'll learn all about the wonderful world of our feathered friends & how we can help them!

Wednesday 25th April




No Zoo Adventures

Thursday 26th April

Wiradjuri Ways


 A wonderful tapestry of culture currently fills our world. Today’s adventure takes us on a journey through indigenous Australian heritage with stories, art, bush tucker & bush medicine. Let’s learn to live on the land today!

Friday 27th April

Secret Worlds



Ever wondered what happens outside your window once you fall asleep? A secret world emerges ready to greet the new night. Let’s explore the secrets of nocturnal animals & discover happens in the natural world under the cover of darkness!




Daily 8:30 am - 3:30 pm
$55 per day (8.30am - 3.30pm) Extended supervision - $15 per session (Afternoon: 3.30-5.00pm)
Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo
What to bring:
Zoo Adventures Program: Packed Lunch, Hat, Wet weather gear in case of rain, Closed toe shoes,Sunscreen, Water Bottle. Morning tea provided.