Aussie Animals Wombat Card

Find out more about Matari the Common Wombat, and huge range of other Aussie Animals through the new Aussie Animals collectables program now available at Woolworths and Taronga Zoos. 

There’s a whole world of amazing Aussie Animals in our own backyard and now you can take all these Aussie Animals home with you! In partnership with Woolworths Taronga Zoo is very proud to be promoting our Aussie Animals and educating young Australians about all these cute (and not so cute) critters.

It’s a fun way to teach our children about the diversity of Australian wildlife and how important it is to protect their habitat so that these animals can remain in the wild. The program is designed to engage people with Australia’s unique wildlife around Australia - coast, in the bush, deserts, oceans and rainforests, and in our own backyards.

108 Australian animals have been selected for customers to collect. Each animal collector card contains a fact about that particular animal and the cards are broken up into 9 different habitats depending on where each animal lives. These habitats are also represented in the collectors album to make presenting them easier, and in the album there are loads more facts and ways we can all help to conserve our animals.

During the campaign for every $20 a customer spends at Woolworths stores or Taronga Zoo Top Shop, they’ll receive a pack of 4 Aussie Animal collectable cards; which they can present in their Aussie Animal activity and collector’s album. The collectable albums cost $5 or two for $8 and are available at Woolworths or Taronga Zoos from 18 September.

Discover more Aussie Animals on Woolworths site now!