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Join us on the Sounds of Science audio tour through the Zoo as we visit 10 of our amazing animals and discover the secrets behind the species, and the amazing science and conservation projects Taronga is involved in.

These tracks are designed to open a window into Taronga’s science and conservation activity. Download them now, and load them onto your MP3 player; we suggest that you listen to each track at the species’exhibit.

Corroboree Frog. Returning a Missing Alpine Call

Hear the corroboree frog call and listen to their keepers tell of their success in breeding this rare and important species. 

> Download here (map reference 11K)

teaser Corroboree Frog

Cockatoos.  Testing a cockatoo hypothesis

Are you left or right handed? Scientists think left-footed parrots may be more efficient thinkers than right footed ones – what do you think?

> Download here (map reference 12K)
teaser Cockatoos

Chimpanzees.  Look, look and look again

Come see the chimpanzees and hear how they are helping us select chimpanzees for release to the wild.

> Download here (map reference 11J)
teaser Chimpanzees

Bongo. When Poo is News

Poo is the newspaper of the wild - telling stories of food, sex and danger.  We can now read this news to diagnose pregnancy in wild animals.

> Download here (map reference 14K)
teaser Bongo

 Southern Cassowary. Exploring an amazing gut!

They don’t know it but cassowaries are the gardeners of the rainforest, germinating and spreading seeds, making the forest bloom behind them. 

> Download here (map reference7I)

teaser Southern Cassowary

Feather-tail Glider. An adaptable feather-tail diet

Would a feathertail glider rather nibble on a banksia or a bottlebrush? The answer could tell us how they will cope with a changing environment.

> Download here (map reference 5I)

Feather-tail Glider

Platypus. Helping the platypus to breed

Find out how over 20 years of watching our platypus has helped us understand their breeding behaviour and their needs.

> Download here (map reference 4J)

Teaser Platypus

Tasmanian Devils.; A Pretend Pregnancy

We all know about Tasmanian devils - or do we? Hear about why we need them and their unusual reproduction

> Download here (map reference 3E)
Teaser Devils

Asian Elephants. Make a Donation and Save on Travel

How many scientists does it take to make an elephant? Hear how we keep elephant genes on the move for a healthy population.

 > Download here (map reference 13E)
Teaser Asian Elephant

Leopard Seals, A Tale of Hair and Whiskers

Our leopards seals here at the zoo help us learn what their relatives in Antarctica are eating – find out how! 

> Download here (map reference 10D)

Teaser leopard seal