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Meet Marley in “Taronga Zoo – Monkey Mayhem”. He’s been left in charge of Zoo HQ. Trouble is, the Monkeys have got in and really messed things up! They’ve lost pages from the Zoo manual and without this no one at the Zoo knows what to do! Every page is meant to have a photo and important information about each animal. Help Marley get the Zoo Manual back together by following him around the Zoo to take new photos and find information about the animals, while unlocking secret keeper notes, videos and animal sounds!


The FREE “Taronga Zoo – Monkey Mayhem” iPhone application, created by Nomad,  takes children and parents on an exciting Zoo adventure of learning and discovery both at Taronga Zoo and at home.

Using the iPhone’s built-in camera and GPS, users can navigate their way around Taronga Zoo via the interactive map taking photos and adding them to the right animal pages to unlock secret content! Icons for animals open “Taronga Zoo Manual” pages and reveal images and unlockable Keeper Notes, videos and animal sounds for each animal in the app.

Created especially for children, this exciting interactive and educational game will be enjoyed by the whole family.

Download the FREE app at the iTunes store here

Get the most out of this app

The app has been designed to be used in a number of different ways, making it fit flexibly with any visit to Taronga Zoo. Here are a few suggestions to help you get the most from it…

Take on a challenge - older kids with a passion for treasure hunts will relish the challenge of completing the app. As you explore Taronga Zoo use the map and the manual to locate the animal you are near and grab a photo. As the “Zoo Manual” pages are completed the animals will be ticked off and the icons on the map will change.  Then enjoy exploring the videos, sounds and special Keeper Facts at home or during lunch.

Fun for after the zoo – use your iPhone camera to snap photos of all the animals that you see during your visit. Then at lunch or at home let your children re-live their zoo adventure as they use the photo’s to fill up the manual, finding out more information and revealing animal videos and sounds as they go.

Pick a category - regular visitors to Taronga Zoo, like our Zoo Friends members, can pick a different category each time they visit, go to Backyard to Bush and complete In the Garden  one week, taking time to discover all the animals and information in that section, then come back next week and take a journey In to Africa.

Can’t get a certain animal photo? 

If you haven’t been able to fill in all of the pages don’t worry – you can still complete the app and uncover all the hidden content. 

Get creative and find the animals online or in books and take a photo that way or search the Animals section of our website to find Marly and follow him to the secret answers for your animal.  Enter the answer in the app and by magic – the content will appear.


If you would like to give any feedback on the app or would like to report any problems with it please contact us here.


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Thanks to Nomad for all their support.