WayFinding at Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo’s innovative Wayfinding project has been finally rolled out!  On your next visit to the Zoo you might notice a few changes!

In light of recent research and staff suggestions, Taronga Zoo has deployed an integrated Wayfinding strategy consisting of a redesigned map, an overhaul of all directional and Wayfinding signs and the creation of a central pathway (represented by a series of green dots on paths) for visitors to follow that will lead them through the Zoo.

What has changed?

  • A series of green dots has been painted on Zoo paths to choreograph a visitor’s journey more, but also provide them with an orientation point to minimise guests getting lost.
  • Nine themed trails have also been created that lead off from the green dotted line into different areas, helping guests to fully explore Taronga’s amazing animal collection.
  • A new uniform system of signs have been rolled out, replacing the wide variety of existing way-finding and directional signs that are currently in place.
  • A simpler map is starting to be distributed, showing the green dotted line and the other trails. The most significant difference (based on staff and volunteer feedback) is that the map has been rotated 180 degrees, with the Main Entrance at the bottom and the ferry wharf at the top of the page, reflecting the direction almost all visitors follow.
  • For a peek at the new map, click here.

Using this Wayfinding system, the best way to see the Zoo is to follow the green dots (they will help you find your way), to see much more we suggest exploring the 9 adventure trails and experience a talk or two!