Taronga Centenary Theatre

Taronga Zoo has opened the doors to its Centenary Theatre and showcased the first film Wild Squad Adventures.

The Taronga Centenary Theatre has been developed to screen conservation and wildlife films that inspire guests in an exciting and modern way. The cutting edge, 5 metre high by 25 metre wide 270° screen is a completely new theatre experience that is more immersive than VR or even IMAX - without the need for special glasses.

Wild Squad Adventures is about a young girl who discovers a secret Head Quarters hidden beneath the Zoo which turns a family trip into a thrilling adventure. The underground facility houses Special Agents called Wild Squad who bring the family on a journey around the world in their mission to protect and care for animals.

Guests can experience the hi-tech Taronga Centenary Theatre and enjoy the film for free with a Zoo entry ticket. Wild Squad Adventures is a twelve minute film that will screen approximately every 15 minutes. 
Taronga aspiration is all its guests take action for the wild! The ultimate aim of the Centenary Theatre is to help drive this goal by giving the zoo experience a conservation context and inspiring behaviour change in zoo guests. This new theatre-based experience will provide an area within the Zoo grounds that creates immersive, direct and positive connection between wildlife and people using a multi-sensory integrated approach, showcasing some of Taronga’s conservation-based activities.