Accessibility Map

Accessibility Map
This free map caters to different types of disabilities and focuses on the facilities Taronga Zoo offers, grouping them into six categories: soundscape, tranquil area, picnic area, tactile, low light and café/eateries. These facilities are shown on the map with a symbol. The map also includes steep and gentle slopes, doors, stairs and a variety of other symbols.


Taronga Zoo’s new car park has 14 disabled parking spaces as well as tactile ground surface indicators at six sets of stairs and on pedestrian ramps and pathways.

Parking incurs a $17 per day fee.

 Public Transport

Sydney Ferries are wheelchair accessible. Some State Transit Buses are accessible by wheelchair. For further information call the Transport Information Line on 131 500, or 1800 637 500 for Typewriter Telephone for the hearing impaired. 

Carers/Companions Free

Taronga Zoo offers free entry to carers or essential companions of those with disabilities. We accept the national Companion Card.


Taronga Zoo is on a site of 28 hectares and the topography is quite steep in areas. Although all paths are bitumen and lateral paths relatively level, some connecting paths linking various levels are steep.

Elevators and ramps are located around the site, allowing those with limited mobility to traverse the entire Zoo. These are indicated on the Zoo map. All new developments since 2001 have been fitted with elevators.

Taronga Zoo also recommends mobility-impaired guests use the miniature train and the Sky Safari to explore the site.

More than 95 per cent of Taronga’s animal displays are wheelchair viewable. All food outlets, shops, shows and presentations are wheelchair accessible.

For advice on the best routes, please contact the visitor information centre or switchboard 02 9969 2777. 

Accessible Toilets

Wheelchair accessible toilets are located at the north and south entrances, at the Food Market, outside the Function Centre and at the Concert Lawns. There is also a wheelchair accessible bathroom at Parents Change Room located near the Giraffe exhibit. Facilities are indicated on the Zoo map.

Sky Safari

The Sky Safari cable car can accommodate wheelchairs up to a width of 610mm.

Please note: in high wind conditions, the sky safari cable car needs to cease operations.  


Taronga provides sturdy, all-terrain manual wheelchairs at no cost to those who require mobility assistance (ID required) and a disclaimer form must be completed. These wheelchairs must be pushed by a carer/companion and seat belts are required to be worn. Advanced booking is recommended (02 9969 2777) Wheelchairs may be hired from the ‘Animal Encounters’ store (map reference 19E). 

First Aid

Taronga Zoo has a well-equipped First Aid Centre and a large number of trained First Aid Officers. Contact the Information Centre, employee or food outlet staff member for assistance in case of an emergency. The First Aid office is located near the Main Administration Building.

Access to Shows

The Seal Show and the Bird Show both have areas allocated for wheelchairs.  See a Guest Services staff member for assistance.

Assistance Dogs

Taronga Zoo adheres to strict quarantine regulations and unfortunately cannot admit guide dogs, hearing assistance dogs and other assistance animals.

Pre-arrangements can be made to have these animals held at Taronga Zoo Wildlife Hospital during a visit (Tel: 02 9978 4785). 

If a request is received for such an animal to attend an event at the Taronga Function Centre, other than the designated quarantine areas (i.e. in the Zoo grounds), consideration is at the discretion of the senior veterinarian.

Backyard to Bush – Children’s adventure area

Backyard to Bush is an area that comprises of an urban home and backyard, a rural living area and the bush. The area is an exciting and stimulating area for children with and without special needs. There are interactive displays, graphic material and features in the House that make it like a real family home, a backyard which has petting animals and a garden with many fragrant plants and vegetables, an adventure playground with a water-play area and interactive musical stepping points.

Covered areas in this exhibit include the “Keen House” in the urban section, the farmyard barn and the underground wombat burrow in the “bush” section. Toilets (including disability accessible facilities) are adjacent.

Hands-on activities

Large models of animals are found within Taronga Zoo including a life size gorilla, komodo dragon, rhinoceros and elephants to name a few. These can be fully explored by children with vision impairments.

Tactile experiences are also provided to visitors including ‘touch-tables’ and smaller interpretive sculptures including a variety of comparative skull and hand/paw installations.

Shows and keeper talks

All shows and keeper talks, plus accessible amenities are located on the Zoo map, Plan your visit to Taronga Zoo .

Should you need information or assistance during your visit, please ask any staff member. They will be happy to contact someone to help you. If you have additional questions about visiting the Zoo, please contact us using the details below.Taronga Zoo Visitor Information

Taronga Zoo Visitor Information