Picnic Areas

Concert Lawns

Conveniently located next to Backyard to Bush and The View Restaurant, the Concert Lawns overlook the stunning views of Sydney Harbour providing a picturesque location for a picnic at Taronga Zoo.

Sit back, relax and indulge in the views whilst enjoying your picnic lunch!

Our Concert lawns often host concerts during school holidays and are also a perfect location for family days.

Wollemi Lawns

A shady and quiet location with peaceful surrounds, the Wollemi Lawns is another ideal spot for a picnic in the Zoo.

The Wollemi Lawns are located between the back of the Platypus Pools and opposite the Tasmanian Devil exhibit.  

The View Restaurant is also nearby and there is plenty of space to sit and relax as well as picnic tables available.

Soden Lawns

One of the truly unique offerings that Taronga Zoo provides is it’s uninterrupted views of Sydney Harbour.

This three-tiered lawn certainly boasts these views including the Bridge and the city skyline making it ideal for a memorable and photographic picnic setting.

Find the Soden Lawns by following the path down past the condors behind the Rainforest Trail.