* The 1pm Seal Show is only on during weekends and school holiday periods.

You will love the Seal Show - and Taronga Zoo’s new 950 seat theatre is the perfect place to learn more about seals and their marine environment. For more than 20 years visitors have enjoyed watching the graceful seals show off their natural abilities including catching fish, climbing and diving and our current show has more than a few surprises in store. 

Here are some of the seals you may meet at the Zoo, although just like us, sometimes they need to take a day off - so please don’t be disappointed if you don’t see them all.

Australian Sea-lion

Australian Sea-lions like Mali, Miya and Lexie are the rarest seals in the world. Mali is still young, but when fully grown this male will weigh as much as Michi. Lexie loves encouragement from the crowd. 

New Zealand Fur-seal

Born in July 1997, New Zealand Fur-seal Tathra is the oldest and smallest star of the team. Unable to return to the wild after being found injured on a local beach, Tathra has been delighting visitors for years with nimble moves and graceful dives. 

Mav, also a New Zealand Fur-seal, arrived from rehabilitation in 2002. This male has quickly moved from seal pre-school to being one of the most reliable members of the show - demonstrating just how intelligent and fast-learning these seals are. 


Sunday & Saturday 1:00 pm
Free with zoo entry
Taronga Zoo (Map ref: 16G)