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Spotted Python at the Zoo's Education Centre
Min the Spotted Python at the Zoo's Education Centre.

Min is the newest resident at the Zoo’s Education Centre where kids like us get to meet some amazing Australian animals up close. Her owners didn’t have a licence to keep her as a pet, so she now lives at the Zoo.

“Sadly many of our Education animals have been removed from their owners because they’re not meant to have them” says the Education Manager Paul. “It’s against the law to take reptiles from the wild. If you want to keep a reptile or frog as a pet you must have a reptile licence. It’s also really important to take the time to learn how to look after them properly” said Paul.

Reptile licences are available from the Department of Environment Climate Change and Water. You can find more information about how to get one by clicking here.
Min the Spotted Python
Min the Spotted Python.

Spotted pythons just like Min are found in eastern Queensland and northern New South Wales. They’re one of Australia’s smallest pythons, growing to around one metre in length.  

These guys are pretty cool, I found out that they can catch a small bat in flight!