Our echidnas have just given their new just-add-water diet the ‘lick’ of approval. http://t.co/Go4QJdXzn3 http://t.co/xjRDbmOGcT
Fumo and Sudi look like they’re plotting more ways to get into mischief in this great capture by Tracey Dierikx. http://t.co/F3R76KG1ez
RT @MosmanDaily: The echidnas @tarongazoo love their new 'just-add-water' meals created especially for them by a nutritionist #cute http://…
Qantas CEO Alan Joyce was on the first flight to Dubbo of the new look Taronga Western Plains Zoo plane http://t.co/y9XJdNuCIY
Taronga Western Plains Zoo's animals feature on a new look Qantaslink plane which took to the skies today http://t.co/0UmimmqlXX
Swift parrot rapidly winging towards extinction http://t.co/5e62REOZ5U via @smh
Ring-tailed Lemurs have powerful scent glands and can use their unique odour for communication. Pic by @PaulaIannitti http://t.co/vEOil1l1WF
Our three Otter pups in Dubbo are growing up they are now 11 weeks old! http://t.co/AGiBoPzzoR
RT @Gemmaortlipp: Mum cleans baby. Baby noms mums face. Mbeli and baby Mjukuu @tarongazoo #gorilla #babygorilla #forthewild http://t.co/Gzh
This Brush-tailed possum is being hand raised by a keeper in Dubbo. He's continuing to grow and now weighs over 300g! http://t.co/vbRT155uW2