RT : Congratulations Ashfield. Our lanterns are absolutely spectacular #VividSydney https://t.co/tp9EK2mkWp
RT : Roads are closed in the Sydney CBD until midnight so take advantage of all the public transport that's running. https://t.co/5DjQkOsLwp
It's time to light the lights! This giant Sumatran Rhino lantern is just one of stars at #VividTaronga #VividSydney https://t.co/nf21vj94ce
RT : Tonight is the night! #VividSydney is almost here! Plan ahead with these transport options: https://t.co/vcsVVjaG8T https://t.co/86D4mnLo8D
RT : Tonight is lighting up ! To experience the amazing display head to https://t.co/XN9f0YqzuB https://t.co/dmOjL2VQPt
RT : #vividsydney Regent Honeyeater - threatened with extinction in NSW & helped by #SavingOurSpecies Photo: https://t.co/mdR6j4JxCU
RT : Great to join this morning to celebrate #vividsydney - which will be on show https://t.co/8jxgYXa1Bh
Indonesia’s national bird, the Javan hawk-eagle, is among 13 species threatened by illegal trade. https://t.co/BMAgXQ0MD3 via
Clones no more as a secret population of Tasmanian devils discovered https://t.co/gXDbxUfLs0 via
We thought you otter know that today is World Otter Day! https://t.co/OTp1fchBxV