Pak Boon shows us the secret to staying cool on a steamy Sydney day. Photo by Keeper Tim Bennett
We are excited to announce that 3 Cheetah cubs were born at Taronga Western Plains Zoo. Read more here
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The First Dinosaur Tail has been found covered in bones, soft tissue, and even feathers from 99 million years ago:
"Oh boy what's for breakfast?!" Moth the Squirrel Glider forgets her table manners sometimes.
Happy birthday to this amazing mum! Kimya moved from Taronga to  in 2013 & welcomed baby Kanzi in 2015…
Want to visit Taronga for $1 on your birthday? Jojo the Galah has a special gift for everyone this year!…
Good news for elephant conservation, with China set to ban domestic ivory trade by the end of 2017:
This little guy is one of 200 newly metamorphosed Corroboree Frogs at Taronga that will soon be released into disea…