A very fluffy Lesser Sooty Owl chick has recently joined the Bird Show team! http://t.co/kE6SuKXBXH http://t.co/GaRV2VIcx7
Meet our favourite fluff ball, Griffin! This Sooty Owl chick is being hand raised to be an ambassador for his species http://t.co/HHMlBtTIup
Did you know every zebra has a slightly different pattern of stripes? Pic @bradrasmussenphoto (Insta). http://t.co/wNBtnUIfT7
Last week we released 77 Zoo-bred Regent Honeyeaters - the largest release of its kind. Great video by @DELWP_Vic http://t.co/HbiXoXkYk6
@BeckyBarnesB Hi Becky. Would you mind emailing tzpr@zoo.nsw.gov.au with some details regarding the story? Thanks!
While the #SydneyStorm rages on, Holly the koala enjoys her mid-afternoon nap. Koala fur is waterproof! http://t.co/75KMWFYzfX
Someone is enjoying this weather! Our giraffes are catching raindrops with their tongues #SydneyStorm #SydneyWeather http://t.co/TNYLuShIeW
@Laura_Whitehead Hi Laura. Please contact our Roar and Snore team on 02 9978 4791 for an update.
The awful #weather didn't bother our Little Penguins! Natural oils in their feathers keep them dryPic @PaulaIannitti http://t.co/51Bn4neGnM
Couldn't help sharing this super cute video of echidna puggle Newman blowing milk bubbles! https://t.co/PQjnMffQOo