We love this beautiful capture of young chimp Fumo getting a helping hand from mum. Photo by Kristy O'Leary. http://t.co/R4LATIKd81
China bans ivory carving imports for a year http://t.co/ArREVwreqG
ABC reports Pygmy Possum and the mail in SA always get delivered http://t.co/hCdMZfgwZP
See one of Australia’s rarest birds! Over 70 Regent Honeyeaters are flitting around the Platypus Pools. Pic C Symons. http://t.co/x73lXFypRL
Label my fish campaign: Australian seafood labelling laws are 'embarrassing', says Greenpeace http://t.co/tsqfIQr0EG via @smh
Our charismatic young chimp, Fumo, was spotted by @gemskischnoodles enjoying a quiet moment by the termite mound. http://t.co/Tm8eYqu2xS
Corals face 'slow starvation' from ingesting plastics pollution, experts find. Via @guardian http://t.co/Kw9oKoTVnb
The population of one of the world's rarest leopards has more than doubled in the past 8 yrs according to census data http://t.co/zorZBFE9dM
RT @Australia: Cuteness alert! This little fellow is a puggle, which is otherwise known as a baby echidna. Photo: @tarongazoo http://t.co/v
“Talk to me, I’m all ears!” Our keeper Courtney snapped this cute photo of our inquisitive young Fennec Fox, Sundai. http://t.co/vGzPcnfTgE