Jindabyne Central School (2) : Line-oceros
Jindabyne Central School (2) : Line-oceros

Jindabyne Central School (2)

In a  township developed as part of the Snowy Mountains Scheme, nestled at the base of the Alpine region on the shores of a lake, Jindabyne Central School (K-12)  offers a unique educational and community experience. Our students are focussed on achieving their potential across a wide breadth of  Academic, Cultural, Environmental and Sporting opportunities that we provide.


Rhino Sculpture Name:


Rhino Inspiration:

Looking almost like a complex tribal design, this rhino, upon closer inspection, is made up of numerous different patterns and designs made from a multitude of lines. Each segment is a different line design that was created and drawn on by each of the Year 7 students of Jindabyne Central School, along with the help of their art teacher, Mr Ben Eyles. The use of only black and white helps accentuate the design and provide a strong contrasting effect.

Rhino Sculpture Location:

Centro Roselands