Jindabyne Central School : Year 8 Smokescreen
Jindabyne Central School : Year 8 Smokescreen

Jindabyne Central School

In a  township developed as part of the Snowy Mountains Scheme, nestled at the base of the Alpine region on the shores of a lake, Jindabyne Central School (K-12)  offers a unique educational and community experience. Our students are focussed on achieving their potential across a wide breadth of  Academic, Cultural, Environmental and Sporting opportunities that we provide.


Rhino Sculpture Name:

Year 8 Smokescreen

Rhino Inspiration:

Year 8 have designed the surface of their Rhinoceros to reflect how Rhinos are becoming endangered and in some cases extinct. The surface is painted with a camouflage pattern that is made from silhouettes of rhinos, their footprints and a range of organic camouflage shapes,  which together create a smokescreen to disguise the rhino. The camouflage reflects the need for this creature to be protected from the various dangers that are threatening the existence of this magnificent animal.

Rhino Sculpture Location:

Centro Roselands