Wenona Junior School : Rionejia (Rio for short)
Wenona Junior School : Rionejia (Rio for short)

Wenona Junior School

Wenona is a global learning community, educating and empowering young women to serve and shape their world. We offer a caring community and vibrant learning environment for boarders and day girls, Kindergarten to Year 12, close to Sydney's cultural centre. Our girls enjoy diverse opportunities, a global outlook and impressive results.


Rhino Sculpture Name:

Rionejia (Rio for short)

Rhino Inspiration:

We called our rhino Rionejia as we knew that there are rhinos that live in Asia and we wanted to include something special about rhinos in our name. We also wanted a name that began with “R”.  Our design was created by Meera Waller and she aimed to use the coats of a number of endangered animals to raise awareness for what is happening around the world to a number of species of animals.

Rhino Sculpture Location:

Centro Roselands