At Taronga We're Wild About The Oceans This Summer

Taronga believes in a future where oceans are free from plastic pollution and overfishing. We need a serious sea change and that’s where YOU come in.

The Fossil of our Time

Plastic is everywhere! It’s crazy to think that nearly every piece of plastic ever made - & thrown away – still exists today!

Make a commitment to shape shift…

Humans are the only animals making waste that nature can’t recycle but the good news is we are also the ones who can create change to shape the plastic free oceans of tomorrow.

Your Wild Squad Checklist (check all of your family too…)

[ ] I have a reusable water bottle

[ ] My family uses reusable shopping bags

[ ] I refuse plastic straws

[ ] I have a waste-free lunch box

[ ] Use the ‘Return-And-Earn’ units for any drink bottles & containers you may find

Choose MSC For Moby

Moby is our new Australian Sea Lion Pup and Taronga’s newest recruit for MSC Sustainable Seafood.

An Australian summer revolves around seafood, whether it be fish and chips at the beach or fresh prawns over the summer holidays. Remind your Wild Squad Family to choose MSC certified seafood and be For the Oceans.

What's On

September 7th National Threatened species day – Threatened Species Day was declared in 1996 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the death of the last remaining Tasmanian tiger (also known as the thylacine) at Hobart Zoo in 1936. Make your #wildchooseday everyday as you RAISE YOUR PALM to stop anymore tigers becoming extinct.

Map ref. 12J at Taronga Zoo

You'll love it because:

  • It shows every 15 minutes
  • You'll get to see an amazing 270 degree screen that wraps around you
  • With over 80 visual effects (VFX) shots, "Wild Squad Adventures" boasts more VFX than Jurassic Park! Cool, huh?
  • The movie is FREE with Zoo entry
Wild Squad Movie Poster

Just a cool click away...

The Zoo needs Wild Squad agents like YOU! We have two new missions to complete. Getting started on your in-zoo missions is as simple as downloading the Taronga App and going to the WILD SQUAD page.

Mission Biome: Australia

Accept this mission and you will get the buzz about bees being super heroes of the animal kingdom.

Mission Biome: Africa

Accept this mission and you will get the inside story of how Chimps Chat!

Mission Biome: Forests of the Wild

Accept this mission and you will be in on the action to help protect the world's forests.

Mission Biome: Forests of Asia

Accept this mission and you will take the lead to guide an elephant herd along their ancient migration trail.

Mission Biome: Taronga for the Wild

Accept this mission and you will watch the Zoo Movie and see Wild Squad HQ in action, protecting animals in the wild.

Mission Biome: Tiger Trek

Trek through the forests of Way Kambas National Park in search of Sumatran Tigers.

Wild Squad-tionary

Unscramble the letters to find out all the marvellous marine animals that need plastic free oceans!

  • ALES
  • HFIS
  • (Seal, Dolphins, Fish, Sea Turtle, Sea Lion, Whales, Sharks, Sea Birds).