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Why Such a Long Tail? Get to the know the animals with a Zoo Friends Pass

Make the most of your Zoo Friends membership by experiencing one of our exclusive, behind the scenes tours only available to Taronga Zoo Friends members.

NEW Giraffe Tour

Come face to face with Taronga’s tallest inhabitants, give them a snack and find out from our keepers how we care for these magnificent animals.

NEW Wildlife Hospital

Have you ever wondered how we look after our sick animals? Take this tour with our skilled staff and meet some animals on the mend.

Australian Mammals

Ninety-nine per cent of Australia’s marsupials are nocturnal. Go behind the scenes at the Nocturnal House with an Australian Mammal’s keeper.

Australia’s Creepy Crawlies

Come face to face with fascinating phasmids, scary scorpions, creepy cockroaches and Australia’s largest, and world’s most venomous spiders.

Free Flight Bird Show Tour

A lot of work goes in to make the spectacular Bird Show so amazing – go back stage and meet its high flying stars.

Reptile World

Snakes and lizards are fascinating but sometimes misunderstood. Find out how we look after them – everything from hatching to handling.

History Walk

Learn all about Taronga Zoo’s rich 95-year history and discover interesting and fascinating architectural and historical facts.