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1. A Zoo Friends membership commences on the date of purchase and is only valid during the period up to and including the date of expiry. 

2. Zoo Friends memberships cannot be paid on a pro-rata basis for part-of a year.

3.Any changes to memberships must be made within 30 days of purchase. Membership cancellations are at the discretion of the Zoo Friends Manager and all visits to Taronga and Taronga Western Plains Zoos will be deducted from any refund.

4. Zoo Friends membership, including Transferable Guest Passes, are not available for corporate or commercial use, nor for clubs or groups and cannot be on sold separately in any circumstances (this includes the charging of any fee for the use of these passes).  Any Zoo Friend members found to be in breach of these terms and conditions will have their membership cancelled.

5. Any past, current or future Zoo Friends discounts, offers or promotions cannot be used in conjunction with any other Zoo Friends discounts, offers or promotions. This includes upgrading a day ticket against a discounted online membership.

6. i. A Zoo Friend child member must reside in NSW or ACT to be eligible for FREE membership. ii. A Zoo Friends child member must be attached to an active Zoo Friends adult membership. iii. No more than two FREE child members per active adult or concession Zoo Friends membership. iv. A child member is any member aged 4 -15 years. v. Child (free or paid) memberships cannot be attached to a Transferable Guest Pass. vi. If more than 2 children are to be added to a primary adult member or concession, the additional child member(s) must buy a child annual pass.

7. A valid Zoo Friends membership (including a valid Transferable Guest Pass) grants the listed members unlimited entry during normal opening hours to Taronga Zoo & Taronga Western Plains Zoo.

8. i. A valid adult or concession Zoo Friends membership enables you to visit Melbourne Zoo, Werribee Zoo, Healesville Sanctuary, Perth Zoo, and Adelaide Zoo and Monarto Zoo. ii. A valid child (free or paid) Zoo Friends member may be charged an entry fee at Perth Zoo, and Adelaide Zoo and Monarto Zoo. iii. A valid child (free or paid) Zoo Friends membership enables you to visit Melbourne Zoo, Werribee Zoo & Healesville Sanctuary.

(Please note Zoos Vic, Zoos SA and Perth Zoo are separate entities and reserve the right to change terms and conditions)

9. A Zoo Friends named membership card is non-transferable.  All memberships, excluding Transferable Guest Passes, must include current member details, including first and last name, date of birth and a photograph of the member. Only the named person listed on Zoo Friends membership card may use it. 

10. i. No more than two Transferable Guest Passes can be purchased per Zoo Friends membership.
ii. Transferable Guest Passes may only be used by one person per visit per day to either Taronga or Taronga Western Plains zoos and are not valid at interstate zoos.

11. To gain entry to Taronga and Taronga Western Plains zoos the member must present a valid and signed Zoo Friends membership card to Admissions staff. 

12. Renewal of a Zoo Friends membership which has exceeded its expiry date by a period of more than 6 months are subject to a joining fee in addition to the membership subscription. 

13. Zoo Friends with a current active membership are able to renew no more than 60 days in advance of the expiry of their membership.

14. i. A free Zoo Friends child annual pass covers a single child aged 4-15yrs inclusive. ii. A paid Zoo Friends child annual pass covers a single child aged 4 – 15 years inclusive.

15. Additional members may be added to a Zoo Friends membership, and are subject to the full applicable membership fee and will expire on the same date as the primary member. 

16. The primary member is responsible for ensuring the details of their Zoo Friends membership are correct at all times.

17. Visitors to Taronga Zoo or Taronga Western Plains Zoo choosing to upgrade to a membership from a day ticket are bound by the following terms: i. A valid Taronga entry receipt or Taronga day ticket must be presented at the time of purchase. ii. Only one admission amount can be discounted from each membership purchased, and at the price paid for the admission ticket. iii. Admissions must be of an equivalent or comparatively lesser value than the membership they are to be discounted from. For example, the maximum discount available for an adult membership is an adult admission fee. vi. If the total of admission ticket value exceeds the total membership value, Taronga will not refund the difference. iv. Upgrades must be made within 30 days of date of ticket redemption. iv. Upgrades must be made within 30 days of date of ticket redemption. vii. Day tickets cannot be upgraded online and/or upgraded against the discounted online membership prices.

18.i. Concession rate is available for members who meet certain criteria, to see a list of what is accepted click here. ii. To be eligible for Taronga Teacher’s Association (TTA) Membership members need to provide evidence of their profession, such as payslips or other documentation.

19. A Zoo Friends membership is solely for the recreational enjoyment at the Zoos and cannot be used for entry for any commercial activity including product placement or news media reporting.

20. Taronga Conservation Society reserves the right to change and determine member benefits, including discounts to Taronga retail shops and Taronga Zoo car park during a Zoo Friends membership including by giving you notice by email and by posting a notification on the Taronga Zoo website.

21. A  Zoo Friends member must abide at all times by the conditions of entry of Taronga Zoo and Taronga Western Plains Zoo .

22. The Zoo Friends team reserves the right to cancel a paid Zoo Friends membership without a refund upon breach of the Terms and Conditions above.

23. If a membership card is lost there will be a $10 charge per card to a maximum of $20 for issuing a duplicate.

24. To receive your exclusive parking discount at Taronga Zoo you will be required to validate your parking ticket either at the top Zoo Shop located in the main entry plaza or at the Zoo Friends office. Once your ticket has been validated you can pay at one of the automated pay machines in the car park or at the car park station. (Please note that you must validate your ticket before the Zoo closes, if your ticket has not been validated by that time you will be required to pay the full rate.)

25. Membership privileges, terms and conditions may be amended or revoked at Zoo Friends' discretion by giving notice by email and by posting a notification on the Zoo Friends’ website.