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It’s been 2 months since the Meerkats moved in to their new exhibit and they are really enjoying their new surroundings!

Stage 3 Geography Unit: Taronga 10 - Schools For the Wild

Written and endorsed by Department of Education curriculum specialists, the 'Taronga 10 – Schools for the Wild' unit of work includes:

  • A free introductory video conference
  • Expert information on the conservation of Taronga's ten legacy species
  • Community conservation campaigning at your school
  • A kids teaching kids style event at Taronga Zoo.

Introductory Sessions

Book your 45 minute Introductory video conference session through DART Connections

We’re very excited to announce that Gina, our female Wedge-tailed Eagle, is now regularly flying in our 12PM Bird Show. It has been a long journey for Gina, but persistence has paid off, and she is going from strength to strength.
Our most iconic marsupial needs your help! By learning more about wild koalas and where they live, we can make the best choices to ensure their future.
On Halloween join us at 12pm, 1:30pm and 3pm for some seriously spooky fun at the iconic Free-Flight bird presentation theatre where we'll meet animals that have an association with Halloween.
This week we said ‘see you later’ to our three remaining tigers, Jumilah, Kartika and Kembali as they headed off to their temporary home at Taronga Western Plains Zoo.
Taronga Zoo’s Fiordland Crested Penguin, Munro, hopped on the scales this week, allowing keepers to check his weight as he prepares to bulk up for his annual moult.