Introducing Sabai the Asian Elephant calf Find Out More
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Securing a shared future for wildlife and people Watch the Video
Taronga Zoo is celebrating its first successful Short-beaked Echidna births in nearly 30 years, with keepers monitoring the progress of three healthy echidna puggles.
10 Port Jackson Sharks have been re-released into Sydney harbour

Stage 4 & 5 Enclosure Design

This program can be delivered to meet outcomes explicit to subject areas or as part of an Integrated Unit of work across Design and Technology, Science and English.  The central theme to the project is “How do we design exhibits at Taronga which support the Animal Welfare Charter and the Zoo’s vision to “Secure a Shared Future for Wildlife and People”.  Through delivering integrated curriculum we strive to enrich student learning through providing rich, authentic and contextual learning experiences.

Warmer weather means more outdoor fun for the elephant herd at Taronga Zoo. Being very social animals, elephants interact with each other in many different ways ranging from eating together to swimming and playing in their pools.