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Elephant Ride

For many Sydneysiders, an elephant ride is a powerful and fond memory of Taronga Zoo. Elephant rides were a feature at both Moore Park and Taronga zoos, where faviourites like Jessie and Jumbo carried up to 10 people at a time in specially  made elephant saddles.

The last elephant ride was given in 1976.



These little primates can be spotted by keen eyed-visitors clinging to their mothers’ backs like tiny backpacks while their mothers leap and scurry around the trees of the Amazonia exhibit.
During the Christmas school holidays, young Zoo explorers will be swinging around in the treetops, getting wet during some marine magic and giving a helping hand behind the scenes.
Christmas came early today for Taronga Zoo’s Chimpanzees and Lemurs, who spent the morning feasting on some festive-themed enrichment items prepared by keepers and volunteers.
As part of a 10 year Centenary Master Plan upgrade, Taronga has submitted plans to build an Australian Habitat Exhibit (phase 1) which includes an overnight conservation experience called the Taronga Wildlife Retreat.