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4 out of 5 species of Rhino are in critical danger Find Out More
Two Little Penguins from the famous Manly colony were released back into the wild today after being looked after at the WildlifeHospital while they underwent their yearly moult.

Stage 4 Science: Classification and Adaptations

Outcomes: SC4-4LW, SC4-15LW, SC4-8WS

 CLICK to download resource: Classification and Adaptations

The Purpose of this project is to understand the adaptations each species has to survive in a specific ecosystem and be able to predict the impact of habitat changes on the survival of species. Students would then use this information to promote conservation in their school and local area.

Don’t be surprised if on your next trip to Taronga you find yourself sharing a path with more than just keepers and other visitors!
Taronga Zoo is celebrating the arrival of an Eastern Bongo calf, one of rarest antelope species in the world.
Our Bird Show team is full of stars, but sadly today it is a little less bright as we say farewell to Howard the Barn Owl
Taronga’s vibrant Squirrel Monkey group has a new baby. Keen-eyed visitors can spot the tiny male holding on to mum, Lena, like a tiny furry backpack as she leaps around the exhibit.