Pygmy Hippopotamus

Region: Africa
Scientific name: Choeropsis liberiensis

Scientific Classification

Species class: Mammalia
Genus: Choeropsis
Order:  Cetartiodactyla
Phylum:  Chordata
Species: Liberiensis

Conservation Status

Population Trend Decreasing
Year Assessed 1993

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Taronga Zoo

The Pygmy Hippopotamus was discovered only recently - in the mid 1800s. A shy and solitary animal, it lives in swamps and forests. It is smaller than the Common Hippo but not an exact copy. For its size the Pygmy Hippo has longer legs, a smaller head and narrower mouth. Hiding in dense forests it eats leaves, herbs, fallen fruits and grasses. To reach higher branches it stands on its hind legs and leans on the tree with its front legs.

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