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Scientists have uncovered two parasite species, related to jellyfish, which is causing deaths amongst endangered Australian Frogs.
The hand and footprints of keepers and animals were collected on canvasses today as a pledge for the wild as Taronga announced an in situ conservation project for elephants in Thailand.
Taronga has extended its commitment to Indigenous Australians by developing a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). Taronga recognises the rich contribution Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures make to the diversity of the Australian community.
Over the past eight weeks an extensive and complex veterinary investigation has been undertaken into the cause of death of four White Rhinos at Taronga Western Plains Zoo.
Taronga Zoo and NSW Office of Environment and Heritage staff will bring 500 zoo-bred Southern Corroboree Frog eggs back to the wild in the Kosciuszko National Park this month, NSW Environment Minister Robyn Parker said today.
Over 130 students will join Taronga Western Plains Zoo’s Project Platypus as it continues to raise awareness and support for Platypus in the western region in its second year.
A recent NSW Ministry of Health investigation into the risk to humans of tuberculosis (TB) from animals at Taronga Zoo has found there is no risk to visitors and there are no cases of tuberculosis among zoo staff.
The veterinary investigation into the recent deaths of the three White Rhinos is still underway.
Taronga Zoo is celebrating the birth of an incredibly rare animal, an Eastern Bongo calf born to first-time mother Djembe on 2 April.
Taronga Western Plains Zoo’s General Manager, Matt Fuller, said he was disappointed by some negative claims made to media today as the zoo was leading a global veterinary investigation into the recent deaths of four White Rhinoceros after the onset of a neurological illness.


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