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Taronga Conservation Society Australia Director, Guy Cooper, has announced that ex-circus elephants Arna and Gigi will live together at Taronga Western Plains Zoo.
The first Booroolong Frogs to be bred in zoos will be released today, only a year after Taronga started a breeding program to save the tiny amphibian.The critically endangered native species has suffered unprecedented population declines recently, with fewer than 5000 individual Frogs remaining in the wild. The decline has been attributed to water pollution, loss of habitat and use of herbicides and pesticides, as well as chyrtid fungus and climate change.
Minister for Climate Change, Environment and Water Phil Koperberg announced today that a baby elephant is expected to be delivered at Taronga Zoo's Wild Asia in mid 2009 - a first for the Australasian region.
Stardust Circus elephants ‘Arna' and ‘Gigi' arrived at Taronga Western Plains Zoo on Monday 15 January 2008. The zoo is their temporary home while regional zoo elephant experts undertake behavioural and health assessments on the two animals.
Taronga will upgrade car parking from February 2008 to improve visitor and community convenience and safety.When completed in early 2009, the new car park will reduce street parking by taking 400 cars off the streets. This will improve safety and traffic flows for visitors and contribute positively to the Zoo's environmental footprint.
Taronga and Western Plains Zoos are to be part of the new Taronga Conservation Society Australia formed as a comprehensive approach to the needs of wildlife.The Zoos' Director and Chief Executive, Guy Cooper, said: "With our many new activities in research, conservation and in situ wildlife projects like the recent Gorilla birth at Taronga and our role in national breeding efforts to save the Tasmanian Devil, we needed a name that better describes our wide ranging activities to our community."
Taronga Zoo keepers have been saddened by the passing of their oldest and much loved Giraffe ‘Hope' today.At 24 years of age, ‘Hope' was one of the oldest Giraffes in the Australasian region and a much loved resident of Taronga Zoo.
Taronga Zoo's wonderful Western Lowland Gorilla group welcomed a brand new addition to their family. The tiny infant male was born to proud mother Frala.
Western Plains Zoo is celebrating the birth of yet another baby at the zoo, this time a giraffe calf, which was born on exhibit on Thursday, 6 December 2007 to the delight of many onlookers.
Western Plains Zoo is belatedly celebrating the arrival of a gorgeous Zebra foal born on 21 October 2007 whilst the herd was off display as a precautionary measure against Equine Influenza (EI).


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