QBE Free-flight Bird Show

Australia is home to over 800 charismatic, and in some cases, peculiar species of bird, each with their own impressive abilities. With the stunning view of Sydney Harbour as a backdrop, the QBE Free Flight Bird Show introduces you to these birds and their unique talents.

When and where

Join us twice daily, 12pm and 3pm, at the amphitheatre (map refernece L5) overlooking Sydney Harbour where you’ll be amazed by the flurry of colour and cacophony of noise as birds dive and swoop above you in an incredible display of skill and agility.

Stars of the show

Nimble kites, coin-snatching Galahs and a flock of six Red-tailed Black Cockatoos are just a few of the birds you’ll see at the show, along with Leslie our Andean Condor whose three-metre wingspan is a sight to behold.

The show is free of charge, but places in the amphitheatre fill up fast at busy times so be sure to get there early (map reference: L5). 

Meet some of the stars of the show:

Helping with Taronga's conservation projects

With your help, the Free-flight Bird Show is currently generating funds to support various conservation partnerships. Two of these are Rainforest Rescue, that actively reforests essential Cassowary habitat in the Daintree Rainforest, and Bukit Tigapuluh, a protected area and refuge to over 192 species of birds.

This money is vital for the Zoos’ conservation efforts and has helped fund the Little Penguin Breeding Program , the Regent Honeyeater Breeding Program , and Taronga has even provided support for vultures in parts of Asia.