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Each year Taronga Zoo and Taronga Western Plains Zoo host a series of educational programs during the school holidays, which take children on thrilling Zoo Adventures.

Whether you simply need childcare for a day, or an activity to entertain the children during the whole holiday break, this educational and fun program provides unique and personal experiences. Your children will be amazed, excited, and offered the chance to contemplate the wonders of science and nature.  

Booking forms and information are available below. 


Zoo Adventures - Spring 2015 Holiday Program


It’s Springtime at the Zoo again and this holiday Zoo Adventurers will test their Keeping skills and learn which animals make great pets and which ones definitely don’t! Each day will include favourites like Sky Safari, and a spectacular public show. Every Adventurer also gets: ‘Meet A Keeper’ experience, ‘Awesome Animals’ experiences, ‘Creature Craft Corner’ creation to take home, and themed ‘Wild Side’ learning activities plus ‘Games Galore’ each day. Zoo Adventurers will care for their very own ‘Zoo Adventures’ class pet this holiday, making each day full of fun, excitement and discovery for all!  


Monday 21st Sept


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Primates are our closet living relations so what makes your little monkeys different to Taronga’s? Visit Zoo Adventures today and explore the differences and similarities between all the primates in the Zoo. Meet a Keeper and discover why primates never make good pets. Get up close with our Ed centre animals for some up close connections, and watch our Free Flight Bird Show stars soar above Sydney Harbour in a day of fun for all!


Tuesday 22nd Sept


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All responsible pet owners train their pets and our Keepers train Zoo animals too. Today little trainers will get training tips from Keepers and explore how and why we train Zoo animals. Is training a dog different to training a bird, bear, lion or lizard? Join us today and find out. Visit the Seal Presentation to see  what training achieves and learn to train both pets and people - careful your Adventurers don’t train you too!


Wednesday 23rd Sept


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Frogs are awesome and today Adventurers will learn why. Work with Keepers and learn to set up a frog exhibit/pond, discover the life cycle of frogs, and go frogging around the Zoo grounds to find both frogs on display and wild frogs which call Taronga home. Hop on down to the Free Flight Bird Show as well.  Jump in fast for this one or you’ll miss out on all the froggy fun!


Thursday 24th Sept


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Do your kids keep bugging you for fun and adventure? Bring them to Taronga to meet the creepy crawlies that make up 99% of all animals on our planet!  Giant Burrowing Cockroaches, spiders, scorpions, and phasmids feature today. Learn how to set up your own ‘Critter Keeper’, see what we can find hiding in leaf litter, shake a tree and be amazed at the things that come out and catch the Seal Presentation too. Get ready for Adventurers to ask for a pet Cockroach when they get home today, (sorry Mums)!


Friday 25th Sept


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Is there a mouse in the house today? Come and discover  the awesome range of native pet rodents that you probably didn’t even know existed! Native rodents are perfectly adapted to a harsh Aussie environment! Join us today to meet a Keeper to learn how and why.  Look for wild animal homes and signs that wild animals are secretly all around us. Watchthe stars of the Free Flight Bird Show fly high too!


Spring 2015 Holiday Program WEEK 2 

Week 2Continue discovering and learning what animals could be your next best buddy at home, (or not)! We have all the usual favourites and great craft pet creations to take home each day! Continue caring for our very own ‘Zoo Adventures’ class pet as well!


Monday 28th Sept


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Explore the farmyard today and discover what farm animals you could keep at home. From chickens, ducks, pigs, goats and sheep to bunnies, guinea pigs, and insects - there is so much to explore and learn to keep for a pet today. Meet a farmyard Keeper and help with the farm work then make a splash at the Seal Presentation  today in a day of farmyard fun for all!


Tuesday 29th Sept


 Booked out!



Want an interactive pet that doesn’t bark that you don’t need to take for walks, and is a great exotic native? You’ll need a licence but when you meet a Keeper today, you’ll learn what’s needed and how to care for reptiles including, lizards, turtles and snakes in a day of reptile discovery for all! See the amazing Free Flight Bird Show as well!


Wednesday 30th Sept

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Cats are one of the most popular pets in the world and Australia has millions of them!  Learn all about cats today, both pets and feral and explore the similarities and differences between keeping a house cat or a big cat at the Zoo. Get some tips from our Keepers on how to care for your cat and keep our native animals safe at night. Build a ‘Kitty Condo’ for the Meerkats and watch the stars of the Seal Show make a huge splash today.


Thursday 1st Oct


  Booked out!



A feathered day of fun for all as we explore the world of birds! From cheeky little budgies to eagles soaring the skies and those that don’t fly like Cassowaries and Emus - we learn all about birds. Discover from Keepers how to care for them, train them and how to look after pet birds at home. Try your hand at ‘twitching’ or bird watching, as it’s known,  and create a backyard bird feeder to encourage native birds to our backyards at home! No bird day would be complete without the Free Flight Bird Show as well! So much fun the day will fly!


Friday 2nd Oct


  Booked out!



Many dedicated people in Australia are helping to care for the amazing Tasmanian Devil to ensure they do not become extinct in the wild. Meet a keeper today and learn why we are doing this, how we do it and what you can do as well to keep all our native Aussie animals safe and well in the wild.  Discover native wild animal homes and hollows around  the Zoo and make a backyard home to provide a safe haven for our local precious pals. Finish the holiday with some wet and wild fun at the Seal Show as well!




Zoo Adventures days @ $69 per day (9.00am - 3.30pm) Extended supervision @ $24 per day (8:00am - 5.30pm) Zoo Adventures t-shirt/s @ $14 each
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What to bring
Packed Lunch, Hat, Wet weather gear in case of rain, Sunscreen, Water Bottle