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Week 1

It is Springtime at Taronga Zoo again! Join us these holidays and explore a world of sensational animal senses and superpowers. We will discover how and why animals possess these amazing abilities and how they use them to survive. Each action-packed day includes: Sky Safari, educational activities and games, craft as well as an animal show, animal encounters, ‘Meet a Keeper’ experience and an awesome photo keepsake of a great Zoo Adventures day. We hope your Adventurer has enough energy to keep up with the action!



I See You! - Giraffes

Today let’s look at eyes. From nocturnal to underwater to the huge eyes of the Giraffe that can see movement all the way across the harbour we will be fascinated by how different animals see and why. Let’s also meet the Giraffe, talk to their Keepers and learn how they work with the animals in their care. We will watch the QBE Free Flight Bird Show and by the end of the day Zoo Adventures will see the world through different eyes!


23rd September


**Fully Booked** Feathers, Fur and Fins!

Great Southern Oceans. Today we will journey to discover the best swimmers in the Zoo. From feathers, fur and fins to feet, flippers and scales, we will learn about the animals that call the water home. Great Southern Oceans, rivers, creeks and swamps, lets’ explore the depths of an underwater world and talk to our amazing Marine Mammal trainers about the seals in our show. We will also watch the Seal Show and learn what we can do to help care for our seafaring friends.


24th September


**Fully Booked** Animal Superpowers! - Chimpanzees

From tool making Chimps to Platypus and Bats that use sonar, we will explore some amazing animal abilities today. We will meet a Chimp Keeper and learn how they work with the animals in their care, and we will help the keepers make the Chimps’ day super exciting! Let’s enjoy the QBE Free Flight Bird Show, and have enough games and activities for even the most energetic Zoo Adventurers today!


25th September

You Are What You Eat!

Backyard to Bush / Kids Zoo. Today we look at what animals eat and the teeth they have evolved to eat with. From Carnivores with sharp canines, Herbivores with giant molars and Omnivores that use both. We will discover what, why and how animals eat the foods they do. We will visit Backyard to Bush to meet a Keeper and all the animals of the farm. We will have fun at the farmyard playground, see the Seal Show and join in a range of activities that Zoo Adventures will just love!


26th September

The Nose That Knows! – Tasmanian Devils

Let’s explore the Zoo today and find the animals with the keenest sense of smell. From the foraging Sun Bears, to pigs that find food underground, and the Tasmanian Devils that can smell food from kilometres away! We will meet a Tasmanian Devil Keeper and learn how they work with the animals in their care and what we can all do to help save the Devils. The QBE Free Flight Bird Show will be seen today along with craft, games and activities to keep Zoo Adventurers busy all day.

Week 2


29th September


** Fully Booked** I Like to Move It! - Lemur Forest Adventure

Movement is the theme of the day! Swinging, climbing, jumping, hanging, running, walking, slithering, gliding and flying we will explore how and why animals move the way they do and how this helps them to survive. We will meet a Keeper and get up close with the Ring-tailed Lemurs today. We will also play in the Lemur Forest Adventure Playground and experience the underwater antics of the Seal Show. Adventurers will have to move it to keep up with the action!


30th September


** Fully Booked** Cold Blooded vs. Warm Blooded! - Reptiles

Today we learn about the differences between mammals, reptiles and birds, and how these differences help them to survive. What is the benefit of being endothermic or ectothermic and why are feathers, fur or scales important to survive in different environments? We will find out today when we meet some scaly friends and talk to the Reptile Keepers about how they care for the snakes, lizards and turtles in a day of slimy, scaly, slithery adventure! The QBE Free Flight Bird Show will be seen today as well.



1st October

All the Better to Hear You With! – Carnivores

Today is all about ears! What do huge Elephants and tiny Fennec Fox have in common? Huge ears! Why do the Snow Leopards have such small ears? And why do some animals have no ears at all? Let’s find out today when we visit the Carnivore Keepers and help them by making enrichment and activities for the animals in their care. Seal Show is a must today, along with fun and excitement to keep Adventurers busy all day. You will hear many amazing stories at the end of this fantastic day!


2nd October

To Fly or Not to Fly!

QBE Free Flight Bird Show Let’s explore the Kingdom of the Winged ones today – the skies! Let’s also learn why some birds have wings but do not fly at all! We will also learn what other creatures share the skies with the birds today and how flying reptiles once ruled the air. We will meet our Bird Show Trainers and watch them work their magic with the most beautiful birds you can imagine and then we’ll watch the show, of course. A world of excitement and surprise awaits all Adventurers that remember to look up today!


3rd October

Awesome Adaptations! – Nocturnal House

Australia has a very harsh climate and most of our native animals have adapted to live in a secret, nocturnal world that is awake whilst we sleep. Why is this so, how does it help and can we find them today? Let’s discover the nocturnal secrets of the Australian Nightlife exhibit, meet a Keeper and learn what the cutest Australian native animals are doing whilst we sleep. We will visit the Seal Show and have many secrets to share by the end of an action packed day!


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