Beads for Wildlife

Beads for Wildlife

Supporting community conservation in Northern Kenya
in partnership with BeadWORKS

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Thank you! Your Beads for Wildlife purchase is directly helping local communities and wildlife in Northern Kenya. Enter the unique ID on the product swing-tag below to find out how.

What we've achieved

Together, with your help, we have sold over

65,000 Beads for Wildlife

So far, we have helped out over

1,300 Kenyan Northern Rangeland beaders

Through our efforts, we've benefitted

7,800 people indirectly through our Beads for Wildlife program
Drought in Kenya

Making a Difference

Northern Kenya is as wild as wild gets and a long way from Taronga’s two Zoos. However, this region is facing its worst drought in six decades, leaving people, livestock and wildlife desperately competing for survival.

Humans and wildlife can co-exist. You can help make a difference to Kenya’s humans and wildlife by purchasing these handcrafted beads online.

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How it works

By purchasing Beads for Wildlife products, you are part of the solution and helping to empower women and diversify family income, which transforms lives and reduces reliance on livestock and natural resources.

Hand-crafted by BeadWORKS

Local womens’ collective in Northern Kenya earn a living through traditional skills.

The impact spreads

Taronga purchases products from the beaders through BeadWORKS, directly investing in their future.

We bring them here

For you to join the growing movement changing lives.

Building a sustainable future

For the people, wildlife and for the environment of Northern Kenya.

Photographic credits: Migwa Nthiga