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A recent NSW Ministry of Health investigation into the risk to humans of tuberculosis (TB) from animals at Taronga Zoo has found there is no risk to visitors and there are no cases of tuberculosis among zoo staff.
The veterinary investigation into the recent deaths of the three White Rhinos is still underway.
Taronga Zoo is celebrating the birth of an incredibly rare animal, an Eastern Bongo calf born to first-time mother Djembe on 2 April.
Taronga Western Plains Zoo’s General Manager, Matt Fuller, said he was disappointed by some negative claims made to media today as the zoo was leading a global veterinary investigation into the recent deaths of four White Rhinoceros after the onset of a neurological illness.
Staff at Taronga Western Plains Zoo have been grateful for the many messages of support received from the public following the recent sad loss of four White Rhinos and confirm that investigations are ongoing.
Taronga Western Plains Zoo has been saddened by the recent loss of four White Rhinos that died suddenly after showing some neurologic abnormalities such as stumbling.
Australian Sea-lion, Nala, today helped introduce Taronga’s Fish4Life Campaign on MSC’s Sustainable Seafood Day to help the community boost sustainable seafood consumption.
Taronga Zoo has launched a new Aboriginal wildlife tour, showcasing the strong link between aboriginal people, their culture and wildlife.
Keepers at Taronga Western Plains Zoo are delighted by the arrival of yet another litter of Meerkat pups that were born on 12 February 2012.
An expert Working Group involving the NSW Ministry of Health and Taronga Zoo met last week to further review the results of screening of staff and zoo animals following the discovery of a chimp with Tuberculosis (TB) last September. They confirmed that tests on over a hundred zoo staff and 160 animals have not identified any people or animals with active TB.


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