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Taronga’s 17 Chimpanzees gave Zoo visitors a look at their newly renovated exhibit for the first time today.
A stunning new Bilaburang (‘platypus’ Wiradjuri language) Mural was officially unveiled in the Zoo’s Australian wildlife section today by Lincoln School, a Department of Education and Community school situated at Orana Juvenile Justice Centre, and Taronga Western Plains Zoo managers.
Staff at Taronga Western Plains Zoo are delighted by the arrival of the first two spring babies with a Giraffe calf born on exhibit on Friday 2 September and a Zebra foal born in the evening on Sunday 18 September.
Visitors to Taronga Zoo’s Great Southern Oceans these holidays will be some of the first to glimpse ‘Franklin’ the rescued Sub-Antarctic Fur Seal.
Taronga Western Plains Zoo’s Project Platypus continues to gain momentum with the second round proving popular with eight more schools and almost 200 students joining program.
It’s only the first day of Spring, but keepers across the Zoo are already welcoming new arrivals! Along with a Francois Leaf-monkey infant that was born in late August, keepers are also flat out caring for orphaned joeys which arrived at Taronga’s Wildlife Hospital.
Two orphaned Ring-tail Possums are being given a second chance at life, receiving round-the-clock care from a Taronga Zoo Elephant Keeper.
Taronga Western Plains Zoo is celebrating the birth of three Meerkats pups which were born on Saturday 24 July 2011.
A rare Sub-Antarctic Fur Seal brought to Taronga near death has been saved by veterinary staff to join other seals in Taronga’s care. The young male was discovered lying under bushes behind Coniston Beach, near Wollongong. It was exceptionally malnourished, emaciated and unable to move.
Sydneysiders sometimes feel swept up in the rat race, but there’s a real rat race coming to bushland around Sydney Harbour, when University of Sydney ecologists introduce populations of native bush rats, called Boguls, to bushland locations on 11 August 2011.


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