National Science Week

National Science Week

Feast on extraordinary science week content for your students.

Taronga Education is serving up a week's worth of FREE and fun-filled virtual science activities linked to this year's National Science Week theme, 'Food: Different by Design'.

Dig into what's on the menu for the week.

Monday 16 August

Echidna Enrichment Feeder Design

Learn all about these unique Australian monotremes with the Taronga Education team, as well as the purpose of enrichment in zoos. Then, put on your creative thinking hat and design an enrichment feeding device for our spiky friends.

Learning resource: Download the Echidna Enrichment Feeder Design Resource

Tuesday 17 August

Virtual Zoo Lockdown Lesson - 'Whose Poo Is Whose?'

Tune in to a very special 'Lockdown Lesson' all about... POO! During this lesson, the Taronga Education team will look at different animals' diets and what we can tell about an animal by looking at its poo. If you're then hungry for more, download the digital resource to solve the 'Whose poo is whose?' mystery.

This event is no longer live due to livestreaming quality issues with our streaming platform. To ensure you and your students or kids at home get the best experience, this lesson has been pre-recorded and can be accessed below at any time.

Learning resource: Download the 'Whose Poo Is Whose?' Resource

Wednesday 18 August

Raise Your Palm

Board your flight to Sumatra and be transported to the beautiful forests of Way Kambas National Park to see the magnificent Sumatran Tiger. Explore the village, and discover how we all have a role to play in saving this species from extinction by choosing Certified Sustainable Palm Oil. Get ready to raid your kitchen pantry, because the downloadable digital resource supports you to then do some of your very own scientific research at home.

Learning resource: Download the Raise Your Palm Resource

Thursday 19 August 2021

LIVE EVENT: Seals for the Wild

Dive into a live Seals for The Wild show and hear from our dedicated marine keepers all about how they feed our beautiful marine mammals and how you can help make sustainable seafood choices when feeding yourself! After this gets you thinking about the health of our oceans and food security for people and wildlife, head over to our partners at Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) to engage in some hands-on science lessons linked to sustainability. 

Live event commences at 11am.

Learning resource: Download the Seals for the Wild Resource

Friday 20 August 2021

LIVE EVENT: with Michelle Shaw, Australia's first and only Zoo Nutritionist

Sit down and share your Crunch and Sip with Michelle Shaw, Australia’s first and only Zoo Nutritionist. Michelle is the head of Taronga’s Animal Nutrition Centre and has a huge responsibility on her plate! Learn all about her fascinating role as an animal nutrition expert and what it takes to feed a zoo.

Live event commences at 11.30am.

Livestream: this livestream will be streamed through Microsoft Teams. Simply follow the link the tune in and watch either via web browser or through the Microsoft Teams application.

We encourage testing beforehand to ensure you are able to connect and see a static holding screen ahead of the livestream's commencement.