Zoomobile for Schools

Zoomobile for Schools

Hands on learning experiences.

Our Zoomobile incursion program brings our curriculum-linked workshops that are normally delivered on site at Taronga Zoo Sydney, right to your own classroom! Sponsored by the NSW Department of Education, The Taronga Zoomobile delivers workshops and bespoke programs to school students and Vacation Care groups across Sydney.

Spark the curiosity of your students by bringing them nose to nose with some of our country's most stunning wildlife with a Zoomobile incursion. You will be able to meet, learn about and interact with native animals, and be encouraged to take positive action for wildlife.

Book one of the following Taronga Zoomobile workshops for your school.

Animal encounters

Engage your students in an intimate session, meeting fascinating native Australian animals. Learn about roles of wildlife in the environment and their unique features that help them survive.
Experiencing an animal encounter can support children in building all-important senses of connection, empathy and caring. This can lead to positive classroom relationships, social-emotional development and a care for the environment and nature – a fantastic way to bring the class together!

Aligned with curriculum

A Taronga Zoomobile incursion is delivered by one of our qualified and experienced educators and is aligned to the NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum. With workshops available to suit school students of all ages, everyone will benefit from a visit by the Zoomobile.

Early Stage 1 - Stage 1

Backyard Buddies

  • Which living things in our backyards could use a helping hand? Your students will meet a variety of native Australian animals and discover how to create habitats for wildlife

Stage 2

Life Cycles

  • All animals have a lifecycle. Students will meet animals, learning how the features and needs of animals change and develop as they move from stage to stage

Stage 3


  • Students will observe a range of animal adaptations and consider how today’s changing environments challenge our wildlife. Students will also explore what we can do to combat negative human impacts on the environment

Stage 4

Classification and Adaptations

  • Students investigate how scientists group living things and why classification is so important. Through animal encounters, students can also discover some amazing adaptations that give wildlife the edge for survival

Stage 5

Environmental Change and Management

  • Students will develop an understanding of the causes and consequences of human-induced environmental change in Australia and Sumatra. Through animal encounters, students will develop a deeper understanding of Australia’s wildlife and provide the platform to explore the actions they can take to help protect local and Asian species

Stage 6

Biological Diversity

  • Students will interact with a range of interesting Australian species while learning about different types of adaptations and the relationships between organisms in terms of specialisation

Animals of the Dreaming

An inspiring program combining Dreaming stories, songs and artefacts, with live animals and environmental messages. This program is delivered by Brewarrina Elder, Colin Hardy OAM, a highly respected Aboriginal elder and supported by Zoo staff.

Read more about Animals of the Dreaming.

Country and regional visits

Sponsored by the NSW Department of Education, the Taronga Zoomobile has been specifically designed for groups that have difficulty coming to the Zoo.

The Zoomobile travels all over NSW with a collection of Australian native animals, often working in conjunction with Department of Education Environmental Education Centres and Local Councils. Each program is delivered by one of our qualified and experienced educators.

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