School Zoomobile Booking Form

School Zoomobile Booking Form

For general inquiries regarding the Zoomobile workshops, costing and availability, please use the following contact details:

Phone: 9978 4739
Fax: 9978 4508

To book the Zoomobile, please complete and submit the online booking form. Zoomobile staff will process your request and you will receive communication to progress the booking.

For a full pricing guide, please see our Zoomobile Pricing page.

NOTE: The booking form does not guarantee the ‘preferred date’. Please ensure you have listed alternative dates to help us find a suitable date for your event. 

If you are a childcare centre, retirement home, corporate or community based organisation, please use the Community Zoomobile Booking Form.

Contact Details


For schools with 61 students or more attending, AV equipment will need to be supplied by the school. Groups of 100 students or more includes 2 Zoomobile presenters.
Visit time


Maximum of 4 sessions per day.
How did you hear about the Zoomobile?
By submitting this booking request I understand and agree to the following: This is a booking request only and does not guarantee the booking. I have requested a booking and where possible, Taronga staff will create a booking and generate a Tax Invoice. I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure the invoice is directed to the correct personnel for payment. 

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