Caring for the Wild App

Caring for the Wild App

Our Response

As a part of our ongoing response to the wildlife crisis unfolding in the aftermath of the 2019/2020 bushfires, Taronga is working on the development of an App to assist rescuers and wildlife carers in the field.

This App will focus on providing expert advice for caring for and feeding wildlife, and will allow our conservationists to track and map geolocation data from citizen scientists and carers in fire affected grounds.

If you are currently caring for or feeding fire affected Australian wildlife, please let us know in the form below.

How your data will be used

Location as well as animal species data collected from this form will be included within the App, to plot feeding stations and incidents on a map for other carers and scientists to reference.

When our App is live, we will notify our subscribers first via email so it can be downloaded and used.

How have you been administering care?
Please indicate the location in which you have fed or administered care for a bushfire affected animal. E.g. Bungonia National Park. Please be as accurate as possible to assist us with data collection.