Self-Guided Excursions

Self-Guided Excursions

Bring your students to the Zoo.

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Taronga's self-guided school excursions offer an excellent way to combine education and fun. With over 4,000 animals from 350 different species, students can explore the wonders of the animal kingdom and learn about important conservation efforts. Your students will leave a self-guided excursion, having developed a deeper appreciation of the importance of scientific thinking and critical analysis around numerous issues facing the natural world.


To support your self-guided visit to the Zoo, download our educational resources that provide unique learning opportunities across all stages. Our learning resources are curriculum linked and have been created by teachers to maximise student learning while at the zoo. 

Self-guided learning resources

Stage 3: Savannah - Creating Hope Through Human-Wildlife Solutions

Explore the countries of the African continent, specifically Northern Kenya, and the connection Australia has with this location. Learn about the diversity of the world’s people, including the Indigenous people of Kenya and how they live. Explore and reflect upon similarities, differences and the importance of intercultural understanding.

Stage 5 & 6: Savannah - Creating Hope Through Human-Wildlife Solutions

Students will develop a deeper understanding of the Kenyan Savannah and some of the issues facing the environment and animals. Students will use their geographical skills and apply them to solve a range of questions surrounding the Savannah. Your students will be evaluating and explaining environmental management strategies as well as applying mathematical ideas and techniques to analyse geographical data.

Stage 6: Dating With DNA: Taronga’s Breeding Program

Throughout this depth study, you will develop a practical understanding of how predictive models of inheritance enable decision making to maintain genetic diversity in zoo-based animal-based populations. Investigate how science is used to make predictions about the future changes to populations and explore the impact of biotechnology on biological assets.

Stage 6: It’s Zoo Business

This resource is to be used as part of an excursion to Taronga Zoo – home to 4000 animals representing over 350 species. This resource and related workshop is linked to the NSW Syllabus and has been developed in consultation with the Department of Education and NSW School teachers. This resource to understand the marketing strategies used by Taronga Zoo to remain competitive within the market and generate income to fund conservation programs.

Resources coming soon

  • Stage 2 Geography - The Earth's Environment resource
  • Stage 3 Science  - Adaptations in a Changing World resource 
  • Stage 4 Science - Classification and Adaptations resource
  • Stage 4 Geography - Environmental Change and Management resource


Tiger at Taronga Zoo
Tiger at Taronga Zoo

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Tiger at Taronga Zoo