Conservation Keeper Talks

Conservation Keeper Talks

To ensure guest, staff and animal safety and adhere to social distancing protocols, our keeper talks are currently not running. We thank you for your understanding

While we cannot deliver our keeper talks at the Zoo, you can enjoy all your favourite talks virtually!

Native Species Keeper Talks

Regent Honeyeater

We’re working hard with our partners to bring the critically endangered Regent-honeyeater back from the brink. Learn about this unique species from Keeper Kara.

Greater Bilby

The Greater Bilby is a small native marsupial that is very unique. Did you know they have a backward facing pouch to ensure it doesn’t fill with dirt when the female Bilby is digging? Taronga Western Plains Zoo’s 110ha Sanctuary is home to a population of Greater Bilbies that are part of a conservation breeding program aimed at seeing Greater Bilbies return to the wild.