Lion Pride Lands

Lion Pride Lands

Be transported to the African plains, where the Lion is king.

Get up close to our African Lion pride like never before at their brand new home, Lion Pride Lands.

Lion Pride Lands is free to explore with your Zoo entry. Please note that the Pride Lands Patrol experience is an additional cost.

Need to know

  • Free with Zoo entry
  • Open daily during Zoo hours

What to expect

During your Lion Pride Lands experience, you’ll be transported to the African plains where the Lion is king.

Experience both sweeping and up close views of the Lions. Explore a replica African village setting complete with walk through goat kraals. Learn about how villagers live with their domestic livestock in close proximity to Lions.

You can also choose to Enter the Kingdom via the daily Pride Lands Patrol, a safe safari truck experience that will take you into the Lion’s den. Please note that Pride Lands Patrol is an additional cost. 

Get up close to our pride
Get up close to our pride
Explore our walk-through goat kraals
Explore our walk-through goat kraals

Fast facts about lions

  • The African Lion lives in savannahs throughout African countries such as Zambia, Zimbabwe, Angola, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Cameroon and Kenya
  • A lions roar can be heard from over 8km away!
  • Lions can leap up to 12m and can run up to 60km/hr
  • A lion’s large, healthy, mane says two key things: ‘stay away’ to other males, and ‘come here’ to females
  • Lions and other cats (including your domestic cat) have an extraordinary organ in the roof of their mouths called the Jacobson's organ, which allows them to "taste" smells 
Lazarus the African Lion
Lazarus the African Lion

How you can act

Humans and lions have shared the same Africa lands for a very long time. Africa is a very special place and lions are one of Africa’s most important animals, however lions are in dangerous decline.

Lion populations across Africa face many threats to their continued existence. As development expands, habitat disappears and the normal prey of lions vanishes, human-wildlife conflict is born and extinction is a real possibility for these majestic apex predators.

Zoos Victoria, Zoos South Australia and Taronga are now working together to support the The Northern Rangelands Trust and the Beads for Wildlife campaign. By simply buying a Beads for Wildlife souvenir next time you visit one of our Zoos, you can help provide relief for wildlife and communities half a world away.