Taronga behind the scenes documentary

Episode 1 - 'Kibali'

Episode overview

In this first episode of the series, no parts of the Zoo are off limits as Taronga Zoo Sydney staff perform an important but potentially dangerous health check on Kibali, a huge silverback Western Lowland Gorilla. You’ll also get up close to one of the newest members of Taronga Western Plains Zoo Dubbo, little Meeka an adorable White Rhino calf.

Plus, witness the vital behind the scenes work undertaken at the Taronga Wildlife Hospital and see the process of recovery, treatment and rehabilitation of precious wildlife. You'll also meet the dedicated staff at Taronga, who are a rare breed themselves, with their mix of world-class expertise and laidback Australian spirit.

Air date - 7pm Saturday 8 February on Channel 9.

An update on Kibali

In the first episode of Taronga: Who's Who in the Zoo, viewers are taken behind the scenes to reveal just how much preparation goes into caring for the animals in our care - in particular what it takes to carry out a health check on silverback gorilla, Kibali. 

Hear how Kibali is doing since his time in hospital as we catch up with Mel Shipway, manager of Taronga's Exotic Fauna precinct.

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An update on Meeka

Meeka the White Rhino calf is almost five months old now and weighs approximately 350kgs! She has definitely grown at lot since birth where she weighed 74kgs. 

Meeka is doing extremely well and is very comfortable with her surroundings as well as around her keepers. She will often come over to the fence for a scratch and loves to roll around in the mud wallows on hot days.

Keepers describe Meeka’s personality as very cheeky, she likes to push the boundaries with the other two female Rhinos in the herd, Likewzi and Kamari. Meeka is often going over to them and then will let mum, Mopani set in and fight the battles that she starts.

Meeka still stays close to mum but is now starting to venture from mum’s side to walk around with older sister Kamari on occasions. 

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