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Thank you to the following sponsors for your generous support of the Zoo Parent program. All of you have continued your support of the program for 10 years or more. Thank you. 

Francois Langurs Terese Abbey
Malayan Sun Bears Chelsea Albert
Green & Golden Bell Frogs Robert Albert
Fishing Cats Annemarie Allan
Asiatic Elephants Pam Allen
Meerkats  Allen Family
Feathertail Gliders E G Altman
Tasmanian Devils Beverly Andrew
Victoria-crowned Pigeons Marie Bailey
Golden Agoutis Leslie and Joy Bannister
Meerkats Margaret Baptie
Dingoes Michael Barfoot
Orang-utans  Bartlett Family
Tortoises and Turtles Kate Beahan
Quokkas Angela Bell
Meerkats Bryanne Bell
Green-winged Macaws Bettina Bendror
Snow Leopards Mary Biden
Australian Boobook Owls Faye Bingham
Wombats SP and JA Birch
Sumatran Tigers Mary Catena Biviano
Tasmanian Devils James Bottle
Red Pandas James Bottle
Red Pandas Judy Boyden
Cockatiels Brigitte Braun
Tawny Frogmouths Suzanne Bravery and Mr Russell Methven
Wombats Georgina Brett
Lions Belinda Broadhead
Small-clawed Otters David and Christa Brown
Sumatran Tigers David and Christa Brown
Black Rhinoceros David and Christa Brown
Malayan Sun Bears Noelene Brown
Macaws Matthew Buchanan
Bilbies Blaithin Butler
Superb Parrots Elizabeth Byrne
Aldabra Tortoises Jennifer Cairncross
Tawny Frogmouths Judith Cameron
Bilbies & Echidnas  Cammeray Public School
Turtles Cathy And Ian Cartledge
Echidnas  Cartoscope Pty Ltd
Orang-utans Amy and Lawrence Chan
Pelicans David Chan
Malayan Sun Bears  Choc Box
Green Tree Frogs Peter and Lucy Chubb
Giraffes Elizabeth Clucas
Lace Monitors Margaret Coates
Frogs Gary Commins
Lowland Gorillas Debra Cox
Sumatran Tigers Debra Cox
Elands  Crowther Family
Persian Onagers  Curtis Family
Phascogales Elizabeth Cyganski
Small-clawed Otters Mark Dalgleish
Fishing Cats and Snow Leopards Lori Dall-Deville
Wombats Tina Davies
Green & Golden Bell Frogs Helen Day and Pamela Buchanan
Green & Golden Bell Frogs Ingrid Deale
Tasmanian Devils  Dentalfarm Australia Pty Ltd
Bilbies Dianne Dixon
Sumatran Tigers Brett and Helen Doak
Spider Monkeys Louise Dobinson
Meerkats David and Julie Donald
Bilbies Janet Doust
Francois Langurs and Ring-tailed Lemurs Anna Dowe
Australian Boobook Owls Kay Draper
Quolls Anita Duffy
Malayan Sun Bears Dr B & Mrs J Dutta and Family
Fijian Crested Iguanas Glenda Easton
Red Pandas Kylie Eather
African Lions Jane Edwards
Green & Golden Bell Frogs Penny Evans
Meerkats Kieran Fallon
Binturongs & Long Beaked Echidnas Emmanuel Fardoulis
Fallow Deer Diana Fellows
Tawny Frogmouths  Field of Mars Envn. Ed. Centre
Snow Leopards Todd Fielding
Lowland Gorillas Kate Finnigan
Black Rhinoceros Peter and Sandey Fitzgerald
Eyelash Vipers Yvonne Fleming
Meerkats Rosanna Fong
Meerkats Mandy Foster
Red Pandas Jane Frolich
Red Pandas Bob Garrick
Snow Leopards Silvio and Katrina Gasparet
Sumatran Tigers Stefan Gawronski
Boa Constrictors Annemarie Geckeler
Chimpanzees Gaela Gilbertson
Tasmanian Devils Callum Ginger
Feathertail Gliders  Girl Guides Association (NSW)
African Hunting Dogs Gael Goldsack
Tasmanian Devils Joy Goodey
Giraffes Julie Goold
Wombats Jessica Green
Snow Leopards Joy Guinane
Sumatran Tigers Hilary Guthrie
Bilbies Robyn Guthrie
Frogs Amanda Guy
Black Rhinoceros Sally Halloran
Major Mitchell Cockatoos  Hanlon Family
Lowland Gorillas Doreen Hanzl
Possums Amanda Harris
Orang-utans Shane Harris
Black Swans Margaret Harte
Tarantulas Joe Harvey
Meerkats Fran Hausfeld
Koalas Douglas Haynes
Small-clawed Otters Bruce Heathcote
Fennec Foxes Lee Hedberg
Echidnas Martin Heinrich
Wombats James Henderson
Tasmanian Devils James Henderson
Platypus James Hill
Wombats Anne Hillman
Lowland Gorillas Lynn Hobor
Small-clawed Otters Anne Hodder
Cotton Top Tamarins Robert Hollway
Spider Monkeys Janelle Hope
Meerkats Carolyn Howard
Fennec Foxes Dermot and Jean Hoy
Rhinoceros Iguanas Gwen Huelin
Echidnas  In Memory of Elsie Jean Chubb
Meerkats Anne Irving
Frogs Val Ishri
Malayan Sun Bears Mark Jackson
Meerkats Jenne Jadresic
Malayan Tapirs Jan Jagers
Snow Leopards Jennifer Jenkins
Short Beaked Echidnas Diane Jenner
Little Penguins  Jessop Family
Frogs  John Denver Society Australia
Black-breasted buzzards Janet Johnston
Echidnas Carol and Marilyn Jones
Sumatran Tigers Lea Jordan-Grant
Andean Condors Terry and Lyn Kearney
Quolls Anne Kell
Bower Birds John Kemp
Australian Birds Christine Kenworthy
Ghost Bats Julie King
Binturongs Julie King
Pygmy Hippopotamus Robyn King
Sumatran Tigers Rose-Ann Kirkeeng
Reptiles and Amphibians Sherlyn Koo
Rhinoceros Sherlyn Koo
Asiatic Elephants Wendy Laidlaw
Red Pandas Roslyn Laird
Sumatran Tigers Marguerite Lamb
Fishing Cats Marie Lambert
Penguins Ethan Lawrence
Musk Lorikeets J A and D R Lockwood
Orang-utans  Loophole Enterprises P/L
Tasmanian Devils  Loophole Enterprises P/L
Asiatic Elephants  Loophole Enterprises P/L
Malayan Sun Bears Anne Lowe
Gila Monster Sigrid Lublow
Meerkats Sigrid Lublow
Dingoes John Mackie
Bilbies Andrew Maidment
Sulphur Crested Cockatoos Jean Marquis
Small-clawed Otters Marion Marriott
Meerkats  Marsh Occupational Health Cons
Echidnas Fiona Martin
Lowland Gorillas Robert Martin
Sumatran Tigers Robin Masters
Sumatran Tigers Sonia Matiuk
Meerkats Sandra Mauger
Asian Elephants Nola Maughan
Golden Agoutis Michele McCauley
Meerkats Margaret McDonald
Malayan Sun Bears Matt McGuire
Yellow-bellied Gliders Jeanette McInnes
Quolls Jeanette McInnes
Apostle Birds Michael McKillop
Little Penguins James McLean
Geckos Elizabeth Mercuri
Red Pandas Grace and Declan Michell
Spider Monkeys Annette Minter
Chimpanzees David Mitchell
Binturongs Susan Mitchell
Bilbies Mary and Michael Mooney
Malayan Sun Bears Jan Morley
Bongos Brenda Morrison
Sumatran Tigers Penny Moysey
Meerkats Elizabeth Muirhead
Wombats Gwynneth Muller
Dingoes Dianne Neville
Lowland Gorillas Mavis Newman
Bilbies Joan Nicholson and Ms Alice Baker
Giraffes Stephen Nickelburg
Wombats Mick North
Ring-tailed Lemurs Carole O'Brien
Alligators  Old Sydneians' Union
Chimpanzees Kylie Osgood
Barking Owls N Owles
Andean Condors Barbara Page
Ring-tailed Possums Andrew and Henry Parry-Okeden
Andean Condors Alanna Paterson
Zebras Maudie Payne
Indian Blue Peacocks  Peacock Gardens Restaurant
Pelicans Helen Perry
Sumatran Tigers Kellie Persson
Red Pandas Kay Pettit
Red Pandas Moya Phillips
Cheetahs Nina Pickering
Little Penguins Pat Piddington
Malayan Sun Bears Elizabeth Plsek
Wombats Rosalie Pratt
Cheetahs Asuncion Pritchett
Blue-faced Honeyeaters E Raine
Red Pandas James Ratcliffe
Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby Kevin Rattigan
Asian Elephants Linda Read
Meerkats Geoff and Sharon Rickards
Ring-tailed Lemurs Geoff and Sharon Rickards
Giraffes Rhonda Riley
Tasmanian Devils Katharine Roberts
Orang-utans Caroline Rockey
Frogs Alan Rozen
Ghost Bats Helen Rutherford
Black Rhinoceros Cathy Saligari
Red Pandas Fiona Sams
Ducks Christine Scarra
Fennec Foxes Heather Sell
Giraffes Annie Selman
Little Penguins Helen Shaw
Phascogales Robyn Shaw
Blue and Yellow Macaws Shirtley Family
Komodo Dragons Amanda Sichter
Dingoes Grace Sillis
Sumatran Tigers Carolyn Smith
Snow Leopards Frederick Smith
Lions Jan Smith
Chimpanzees Kay Smith
Possums & Golden Agoutis Ralph Smith
Asiatic Elephants Tracey Anne Smith
Long-nosed Potoroos Stephen Snow
Small-clawed Otters Ian and Marilyn Spalding
Sumatran Tigers Gretel Stanbury
Snow Leopards Gretel Stanbury
Sumatran Tigers Danica and Dr Jon Starr
Malayan Tapirs Pat and Bill Stewart
Little Penguins  Swinnerton Family
Koalas Marilyn Talbot
White Rhinoceros Marilyn Talbot
Lowland Gorillas C Thackeray
Bilbies Claudia Thame and Chris Poll
Sumatran Tigers Kerima-Gae Topp
Sumatran Tigers Maria Tulich
Przewalskis Horses Karla Turner
Red Pandas Denice Tyson
Dingoes & Death Adders Joy Van Der Poorten
Cheetahs Josephine Velte
Chimpanzees Kay Vernon
Meerkats Georgia Waites
Platypus Madeline Waites
Gang Gang Cockatoos Helen Walker
Variegated Wrens Vivien Ward
Owls Jan Ware
African Elephants  Warren Family
Sumatran Tigers Helen Watson
Bilbies Anne Webb
Red Pandas Michael and Michele Webb
Yellow-Footed Rock Wallabies Caroline Webb And Barry Hodges
Sumatran Tigers Nicola West
Komodo Dragons Amanda White
Small-clawed Otters Gary Whitton
Sumatran Tigers Andrew Wise
Red Pandas Donna Yee
Feathertail Gliders Geoffrey Yee
Long-nosed Potoroos Joanne Yee

List updated 28 September 2015.