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Thank you to the following Zoo Parents for their generous support at the River level. River Level Zoo Parents are also recognised in grounds at Taronga Zoo (Map Ref: F11, Asian Elephants).

Ghost Bats 8th Combat Service Support Battalion
Malayan Sun Bears Priscilla Aiken
Koalas Lori and Dick Allen
Lowland Gorillas Fiona Banks
Meerkats Suzan Barter
Orang-utans Bartlett Family
Green-winged Macaws Bettina Bendror
Wombats Donna Bingham
Australian Boobook Owls Faye Bingham
Malayan Sun Bears Steven and Narelle Breese
Asiatic Elephants Marcus, Mikele and Adriana Brindisi
Penguins Rachel Bullock & Rick Trevithic
Lowland Gorillas Business Events Sydney
Bilbies & Echidnas Cammeray Public School
Pygmy Hippopotamus Lesley Cansdell
Koalas Chatswood Public School
Tasmanian Devils Choc Box
Lowland Gorillas Penny Coates
Frogs Cheryl Condon
Platypus Charlotte Conlon
Quokkas Daisy Conlon
Bilbies Harry Conlon
Echidnas Thomas Conlon
Sumatran Tigers Debra Cox
Lowland Gorillas Debra Cox
Giraffes George and Jean Crombie
Sumatran Tigers Sam & Katherine
Asian Elephants Samantha Dale
Wedge-tailed Eagles Rachael Davies
Red Pandas Helen Dickson
Rhinoceros Benjamin and Thomas Duddy
Tasmanian Devils Meisha Dunstone
Platypus Lieselotte Eysoldt
Snow Leopards Todd Fielding
Chimpanzees Belinda Fischer
Eyelash Vipers Yvonne Fleming
Meerkats Mandy Foster
Echidnas Roxane Geggie
Bilbies Girl Guides Association (NSW)
Tasmanian Devils Girl Guides Association (NSW)
Yellow-Footed Rock Wallabies Girl Guides Association (NSW)
Feathertail Gliders Girl Guides Association (NSW)
Sumatran Tigers Clara Goldsworthy
Fishing Cats Edna Hardeman
Bilbies Ewan Hardeman
Pygmy Hippopotamus Paul and Gail Harris
Tasmanian Devils James Henderson
Sumatran Tigers Chris Hetherington
Red Pandas Greg Howard
Rhinoceros Iguanas Gwen Huelin
Frogs Peter and Audrey Iles
Owls Peter and Audrey Iles
Echidnas In Memory of Elsie Jean Chubb
Bilbies In Memory of Robert Whiteley
Orang-utans Jennifer Jenkins
Andean Condors Stephen Kennedy
Australian Birds Christine Kenworthy
Lions Alex Kertesz & Elise Karrour
Frogs Rose-Ann Kirkeeng
Small-clawed Otters Georgia Kirkton & Nam Nguyen
Sumatran Tigers Marguerite Lamb
Small-clawed Otters Marcelle Lawrence
Meerkats Carolyn Lieutenant
Superb Lyrebirds Lindfield East Public School
Zebras Logan Livestock Insurance Agency Pty Ltd
Owls Ros Lyon
Lions Isabella MacLean
Bilbies Andrew Maidment
Wombats Christine Mamone
Sumatran Tigers Kira Martinez
Sumatran Tigers Emily Maxwell
Orang-utans Thomas Maxwell
Chimpanzees Susan McCann Young
Asian Elephants In Loving Memory of Wendy Ann McDonald
Echidnas Joanne McElgunn
Red Pandas Jenny McGowan
Tasmanian Devils Jack McNeill
Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby Prunella Merrett
Black Cockatoos Charlse Newman
Kangaroos Marissan & Isan
Giraffes Stephen Nickelburg
Ring-tailed Lemurs Carole O'Brien
Chimpanzees Kylie Osgood
Ring-tailed Possums Andrew and Henry Parry-Okeden
Long-nosed Bandicoots Eliza Parry-Okeden
Kookaburras Parker Parry-Okeden
Wombats Quinn Parry-Okeden
Cheetahs Christina Pender
Fishing Cats Elaine Potter
Wombats Rosalie Pratt
Sumatran Tigers Ray Pride
Sumatran Tigers Jenny Proebstel
Bilbies Alice Quinton
Frogs Angela Quinton
Monkeys Jamil Qutami & Rachida Gerges
Asian Elephants Linda Read
Wombats Anne Reeve
Bilbies Gary Reid
Cheetahs Julie Reid
Giraffes Ronald John Richards
Snow Leopards Stewart Rogers
Frogs Alan Rozen
Ghost Bats Helen Rutherford
Asiatic Elephants Sharon Ryan
Red Pandas Fiona Sams
Tasmanian Devils Pamela Sayers
Red Pandas Lee Scharneck
Red Pandas Jeanie Sheffield
Blue and Yellow Macaws Shirtley Family
Tasmanian Devils Keryn Smart
Tasmanian Devils Anthony Smith
Possums & Golden Agoutis Ralph Smith
Small-clawed Otters Ian and Marilyn Spalding
Tasmanian Devils Judith Spies
Chimpanzees Russell Staley
Sumatran Tigers Amanda Sue
Meerkats Reta Svans
Asian Elephants Christy & Michael
Penguins Jude Tasker
Tasmanian Devils U3A - Dubbo Chapter
Asian Elephants Robert and Judy Vermeulen
Platypus Heinrich Vischer
Red Pandas Robyn Ward
Komodo Dragons Amanda White
Sumatran Tigers William Duncan State School - Class 6A
Frogs Dean Wilson
Tasmanian Devils Lea & Grant Wilson
Dingoes Shirley Yealland

List updated 31 May 2016.