Dinosaurs in The Wild roar back to Taronga

Dinosaurs in The Wild roar back to Taronga

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Posted on 03rd November 2014 by Media Relations

Sixteen life-sized animatronic dinosaurs have come to life, giving guests a unique opportunity to get in touch with their inner palaeontologist and learn important wildlife lessons. 

The Australian Muttaburrasaurus, a Stegosaurus, the towering Tyrannosaurus Rex and many more are waiting to be discovered in the bush along the Dinosaur Trail.

Dinosaurs in the Wild tells an important story about extinction and adaptation, all the while drawing parallels to threats faced by animals today such as the Southern Cassowary, the Tasmanian Devil and the Asian Elephant.

Taronga Zoo’s General Manager, Marketing Fundraising and Commercial Services, Paul Davies, said: “Many of Taronga’s animals are currently threatened in the wild by human activities, in some cases to the brink of extinction.

“Dinosaurs in the Wild is a way to raise awareness of how we can take responsibility for their survival into the future.”

“Everyone loves dinosaurs, and to understand their story is to understand the need to protect today’s species from the same devastating fate.”

The dinosaurs will move, roar, growl and spit throughout the Zoo from 31 October before going extinct again on 1 February, 2015.

Guests can have an interactive experience by downloading the app DinosaurCo AR on their phones.  Special markers throughout the Dinosaur Trail can be scanned with the app to make dinosaurs come alive.