Baby boom at Sydney's Taronga Zoo

Baby boom at Sydney's Taronga Zoo

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Posted on 03rd April 2018 by Media Relations

The autumn school holidays are just around the corner and Taronga Zoo Sydney is bustling with all kinds of baby animals, including two Meerkat pups and 20 Feathertail Gliders!

Taronga Zoo’s most adorable sea mammal, Moby, is growing in size and confidence. The cute yet endangered male Australian Sea-lion pup has made a playful splash in his new home at Seal Cove.

Moby was born on Friday 6 October to mother Lexie and father Charlie and has gradually built his confidence swimming. Keepers have moved Moby from a shallow pool to a larger pool where guests can now view him diving and playing.

Taronga’s new Meerkat pups, who were born earlier this year, are developing very quickly. Carnivore Keeper Maz Boz says “the pups are now standing on their hind legs, which will play an important role during sentry duty watches when they become adults.”

“They may be young, but they’re already showing signs of their own little personalities. They are both quite outgoing, adventurous and inquisitive jumping on the other meerkats to play,” said Maz.

The breeding success of more than 20 different Feathertail Gliders late last year means that now, more than ever, there is a lot of action happening in the Australian Nightlife Exhibit.

Keepers can’t be sure exactly how many Joeys have been born as the speedy little gliders race around their exhibit gliding between branches, however they estimate to have spotted around 20.

This rare breeding success means the tiny gliders will become important ambassadors for their species, said Australian Fauna Keeper Rob Dockerill.

“We were the first Zoo to ever breed these tiny marsupials so it’s always exciting when such a large group like this is born,” said Keeper Rob.

As of late last year, Taronga Zoo is also home to a baby Chimp and a baby Gorilla, both of whom are very playful and spend short amounts of time away from their mums, playing in their exhibit with other infant primates.

There are admission discounts of up to 20% for families who buy their tickets from the Zoo’s website ahead of their visit.

Taronga Zoo is open every day of the school holidays and the best time to see all of the animals is during the daily Keeper talks. 


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