Taronga welcomes Alpacas in the lead up to the school holidays

Taronga welcomes Alpacas in the lead up to the school holidays

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Posted on 22nd December 2017 by Media Relations

Taronga Zoo have welcomed three Alpacas to the Zoo, the first time the species have been at Taronga in 20 years.

All being two years of age, with names originating from all around the world Scaramouche has beautiful brown fur, Cartouche is white and Aragon is a cloudy black the trio will live up to 20 years.

The trio are settling in well after arriving to Taronga in November, the Alpacas moved into the Backyard to Bush precinct in mid-December, an area where guests can get up close and personal with the animals.

Zoo Keeper Suzie Lemon is very excited to be welcoming Alpacas to the Zoo.

“Part of their charm is that they’re not the most mainstream animal, their exotic features make them quite interesting to look at.”

The group of three are settling in well and very relaxed. They are very curious and inquisitive of people, walking right over to the fence line when people walk through to visit them.

“They have been creating a lot of attention so far, they are quite a crowd pleaser,” said Suzie.

Alpacas, in the same family as camels and llamas, were domesticated in the Andes for use of their very dense, soft hair. 

The animals make for sustainable farming, with their padded hooves making for less compaction on soil.

Once the Alpacas fully settle in, they will become a Taronga meet and greet animal, walking around the zoo grounds so that guests can pat them.

The alpacas can currently be seen at the Backyard to Bush farmyard.


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