More breeding success

More breeding success

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Posted on 04th July 2019 by Media Relations

Taronga Western Plains Zoo is experiencing a baby boom in the Black-handed Spider Monkey group with another baby born.

The female Spider Monkey was born in May to mother, Rosa and father, Pedro. Keepers have named the baby Fiora which means flower in Spanish. 

“Rosa is doing a great job caring for her baby, we are really pleased with the maternal behaviours she is displaying and how weel her baby is growing and developing,” said Primate Keeper, Sasha Brook.

“We have two older experienced females in the group who have both had a number of babies so this has proven very beneficial for the current mums who receive help and support from time to time from these two individuals.”  

“At present the baby is staying close to mum’s tummy but we have started to see Fiora trying to reach out for food but is not very coordinated when doing so yet.”

“She will occasionally pick up a piece of vegetable and accidentally hit herself in the face because she can’t yet control her movements very well.”

From about four months of age the Spider Monkey baby will start transitioning from being carried on mum’s tummy to riding on her back. 

“Spider Monkey babies stay with their mums for up to four years and whilst the oldest two babies in the group are very independent they still rely on their mum from time to time.” 

This is the fifth baby to be born in the Spider Monkey group in the past 18 months. 
“It’s amazing to have so many different ages in the group now. The older babies that are approximately 18 months old are so playful and love interacting with their keepers, whilst we are starting to build a relationship with the younger babies,” said Sasha. 

“It’s a real highlight watching the babies grow and development as the months pass.”

A great time to see the Black-handed Spider Monkey group and their babies is at the daily keeper feed at 12:50pm.