Dubbo Zoo welcomes four Otter pups!

Dubbo Zoo welcomes four Otter pups!

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Posted on 12th July 2019 by Media Relations

Taronga Western Plains Zoo has welcomed four Oriental Small-clawed Otter pups, born on 1 May 2019.

The four pups are all doing well, as is first time mother Jafar and father Harry. The pups recently received a clean bill of health from Zoo vets at their first check-up and vaccination. Keepers have been monitoring their progress weekly and have confirmed that there are three females and one male in the litter. 

Father Harry only arrived at Taronga Western Plains Zoo from Singapore earlier this year. Both Jafar and Harry bonded very quickly; it became evident to keepers just several weeks later that Jafar was pregnant.  

“We monitored the Otter dens closely via CCTV cameras in the lead up to the birth as well as for the first four weeks after they were born,” said Senior Keeper Ian Anderson.

“Both Jafar and Harry are proving to be great parents. It is normal for Otter parents to both help raise the young pups.”

The Otter pups only opened their eyes at seven weeks of age and they are now very active in the den. They’ve just started to emerge from the den with their parents, much to the delight of school holiday visitors who have caught a sneak peak of the fabulous four.

Keepers have named the three females named Akira, Luna and Rani, whilst the male has been named Anng.

“We have been physically monitoring the pups from four weeks of age, this involves weighing and measuring the pups weekly,” said Ian.

“The Otter pups’ growth and development has progressed at a good, consistent rate. They are meeting all their expected milestones.”

“In the last week they have started to venture out of their den for the first time, exploring their exhibit with their parents.”

The Otter pups will be a little difficult to see on exhibit for the first few weeks they start to venture out of the den. 

“As they start to become more confident in their surrounds they will be easier to see. A great time to view the Otters during the school holidays is at our 12.50pm scheduled feed.”