Black Rhino calf shines this winter

Black Rhino calf shines this winter

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Posted on 04th June 2021 by Media Relations

Curious and confident Black Rhino calf Sabi Star is exploring her new paddock and surrounds alongside mum Bakhita at Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo.

“Sabi Star has been taking everything in her stride so far. She is very relaxed and takes her cues from Bakhita who is a very experienced and relaxed mother,” said Keeper Hayley Brooks.

“Sabi Star is definitely winning plenty of hearts and delighting our guests.”

A great time to see Sabi Star and Bakhita during the winter months is at the Black Rhino Keeper Talk at 9:25am daily. This is an opportunity to learn about the species and ask the Keeper questions, as well as see the Black Rhinos at feeding time.

The Black Rhino Keeper Talk is one of many free Keeper activities on offer across the day at Taronga Western Plains Zoo. The Zoo’s Keeper activities are always a highlight, so it is recommended to pop a few of these on your itinerary. Remember tickets to Taronga Western Plains Zoo are valid for two consecutive days, so guests can make the most of their time at the Zoo. 

“Be sure not to miss two baby Spider Monkeys who are now over six months of age and interacting more with each other and with the other members of the group. Watch their antics from the viewing platform at the Zoo Café & Bar,” said Hayley.

The Zoo also has a number of special animal encounters and tours on offer each day during the school holidays with Giraffe, Meerkat and Hippo Encounter all available to book online. Animal Encounters provide a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the Zoo’s animals.

The Savannah Safari tour is a family favourite as it takes guests out on to the African Savannah in a purpose-built truck, the closet you’ll get to being on safari at present. The truck drives in amongst Giraffe, White Rhino, Zebra and antelope, providing a unique viewing perspective as well as being an informative guided tour. The Savannah Safari is $10 per adult and $5 per child in addition to Zoo entry. Tickets are available on the day for this experience.