Lion cub trio on display

Lion cub trio on display

#Taronga Zoo Sydney

Posted on 18th May 2015 by Media Relations

 Keepers at Taronga Western Plains Zoo are pleased to announce that three Lion cubs born in late February are now on display for visitors to see.

 The cubs, one male and two females, are almost three months old and are the first Lion cubs born at the zoo.

 According to Keeper, Roger Brogan, the cubs have been busy exploring their surroundings, climbing over rocks and logs and rumbling with each other.

 “They are a bit mischievous and are certainly keeping first-time mother, Maya, on her toes,” Roger said.

 Keepers have been impressed by Maya’s nurturing of the cubs. “Maya is a great mother, she is very attentive,” Roger said.

 “When the cubs are playing the male will tend to go one way and the females will go the other, and you can see Maya keeping a close eye on them all.”

 The cubs have been introduced to father, Lazarus, behind the scenes over the past week, and the whole family is now together in the Lion exhibit.

“Lazarus has done this before and is being great with the three cubs,” Roger said. “We’re really looking forward to continuing to watch the cubs grow, develop and interact with Maya and Lazarus and are sure visitors will be thrilled with their antics.”

 The two female cubs have been named Makeba, meaning greatness, and Zuri, meaning beautiful. A competition will be held to name the male cub, with details to be announced shortly.

Visitors to the zoo will see the cubs on display as they explore their zoo home over the coming weeks.